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Mosque opening 'historic'

They came from as far away as New York, Texas and Virginia to celebrate the opening of a new mosque in Fort Wayne.


Imitation meets real thing at Old Fort

The day offered an opportunity to honor veterans.


Spelling champ credits reading

Lora Kuhaneck loves to read, which she credits for her skill as a speller.

Students find lessons in river cleanup

Sixth-grader Natalie Dresdow was quietly sifting through a sample pile of rocks spread out on a sheet next to the St. Joseph riverbank at Johnny Appleseed Park. She was looking for crawling things th ...

US faults Iraq army will to win

Defense Secretary Ashton Carter warned that Iraqi troops will not be able to defeat the Islamic State until they develop a “will to fight,” reflecting the deep level of frustration and su ...

prepare for family fun

Can’t you smell the waft of deep-fried butter in the air?  It’s festival season, and there’s nothing better than enjoying some summer fun with your family – if you all can ...

New ambassador for area

During his 2½-year tenure with the Indiana Economic Development Corp., Eric Doden traveled to all 92 counties in the state. The Fort Wayne resident considers it one of his two greatest accompli ...

Every day is Memorial Day

Today, when we honor those who died in service to their country, our first images may be of faceless soldiers marching off to war, of vast battles in faraway places or of rows of headstones.  Un ...