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Sale ordered for Wells Fargo site

An Allen County judge puts the Wells Fargo Indiana Center into foreclosure and issues a $20 million judgment.

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Survey: Generation LOL most irked by grammar, spelling slips

Typos and other mistakes in text messages annoy young people, according to a poll.


Judge scolds molester's family at his sentencing

An admitted child molester gained no favors with an Allen County Superior Court judge.

New faces will guide charter to renewal

Leadership changes have been made at Timothy L. Johnson Academy in an attempt to keep the school open into the new year. Longtime board member Ian Rolland, retired chairman and CEO of the Lincoln Nati ...

Big Easy tells tale of 2 realities

NEW ORLEANS – Talking about New Orleans a decade after Hurricane Katrina, people here often reach for the Biblical, describing an economic and cultural resurrection. Today is the 10th anniversar ...

improving your home

Whether you’ve just bought a new home or you’re looking to refresh your familiar abode, chances are good you have a laundry list of home-improvement projects. With so much to do, projects ...

Women's business center in works

The Northeast Indiana Innovation Center has received a $150,000 grant from the Small Business Administration to establish a statewide women’s business center to be called the Women’s Econo ...

Not all Katrina's scars are visible - or negative

Between my eyes, now mostly covered by a wrinkle acquired by age, is a small crescent-shaped scar.  I got it in early September 2005, when a steel lock case on a door attached to a dark and damag ...