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Freedom riders in city

They began in Los Angeles and have ridden through mountains, over back country roads and even the Mohave Desert.

Frank Gray

Retired sheriff learns lessons on bike trip to Florida

Since retiring from his position at the beginning of this year, former Sheriff Ken Fries, when he decides he wants to g ...

Police Fire

Day after 9 get shot, tenants win praise

The home in the 1400 block of McCulloch Street was occupied by long-term good tenants.

CPR lesson helps teen save a life

Sixteen-year-old Garrett Spires paid attention in his health class at Concordia High School. And it’s a good thing, because the soon-to-be junior performed CPR on a lifeless woman at an Allen Co ...

7 slain in 3 days in Chicago, including gang leader's son

CHICAGO – A 7-year-old boy who was one of seven people shot to death in Chicago over the holiday weekend was the son of a gang leader with a lengthy arrest record, and police say the man’ ...

Staying off the sidelines

Where to begin when introducing the Niezer brothers? Naturally, we could start with their early days, at their childhood home on Riverwood Drive on Fort Wayne’s far north side; a two-story, four ...

Stonemaker to open DeKalb HQ

A Canadian manufacturer of decorative landscaping stones is investing more than $34 million to establish a regional headquarters in DeKalb County.  The Waterloo operation is expected to create up ...

The quick fix

“What kills a skunk,” one-time Hoosier Abraham Lincoln is reputed to have said, “is the publicity it gives itself.” National outrage after the legislature rushed through and G ...