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State board votes to close local bar

The Indiana Alcohol and Tobacco Commission on Tuesday voted unanimously to shut down a Fort Wayne bar plagued with crimi ...


Surack named Red Coat recipient

Chuck Surack, the founder, president and CEO of Fort Wayne-based Sweetwater Sound, will receive the Mad Anthonys' Red Co ...

Police Fire

Sherman Speedway robbed

A man armed with a knife robbed the Speedway gas station early this morning.

Facebook 'winner' fails to fall for scam

When you talk about Facebook, you cant help but get into big numbers in a hurry.

Planned Parenthood defunding fails

Republicans in the U.S. Senate needed the votes of Indiana Sen. Joe Donnelly and other moderate Democrats.

Copyright under the hood

You were loyal. You were prompt. You never missed a monthly payment. And now the vehicle you proudly drove off the new car lot several years ago is finally yours since you dont owe anybody a dime for ...

SUVs, luxury sales sizzle

More Americans are buying cars that say look at me.

Body of evidence

Putting cameras on the dashboards of police cars has helped good officers do their jobs and provided a check on those who act less professionally. The ubiquity of citizens cellphone videos has done th ...