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Ruling de-regulates some wild animal possession permits

More than 30 wild animals around the state - from alligators to bears and bobcats - will no longer be regulated by the I ...


Zoo celebrates 50th birthday

The Fort Wayne Children's Zoo is officially 50 years old.


Power restored to all I&M customers

Power has been restored to all Indiana Michigan customers.

Regulation of wild animal possession cut

INDIANAPOLIS – More than 30 dangerous wild animal species – from alligators to bears and bobcats – will no longer be regulated by the Indiana Department of Natural Resources. The age ...

After 54 years, US, Cuba to re-establish embassies

In a speech to Cuban-American voters in May 2008, presidential candidate Barack Obama said it was time for the United States “to pursue direct diplomacy, with friend and foe alike.” Republ ...

Reading for the unable

Within the small studio, Mary Ann Oberholtzer, a retired school teacher, sits on the left side of a narrow, rectangular table where several recently clipped newspaper articles are stacked. Dave Ankenb ...

Franke Plating building 2nd plant

A plating business that has been in the same family since it started in 1930 is expanding, investing about $1.5 million. Franke Plating Works has an 85,000-square-foot plant at 2109 E. Washington Blvd ...

Drawing a line

If Monday’s Supreme Court ruling on election redistricting didn’t draw the same strident response as other recent rulings, it’s for good reason: Voters on both sides of the aisle won ...