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Irish Insights

Golden Tate Catches Passes Against Purdue
Tate talks his name, crab legs and more...

"Around 20 Questions" with...Notre Dame wide receiver Golden Tate

Welcome to the latest installation of "Around 20 Questions," a feature hoping to become a regular fixture on Insights. The hope is to do a few of these a week with the tentative schedule being Mondays -- non-revenue athletes; Wednesday -- an athletic alumni; Thursday -- football/men's basketball/women's basketball player or coach. If there is anyone you want us to talk to or any tips on who inside the wacky Notre Dame world might be a good, pithy interview subject, drop an e-mail to Golden Tate is a sophomore wide receiver at Notre Dame. He made big catches against Purdue last year and also plays baseball for the Irish. Tate started two games last year, caught six passes for 131 yards and one touchdown.

Irish Insights: Where'd you get your name? Where'd it come from?

Golden Tate: "My dad's father was named Golden and he passed it down to my father and my father gave it to me. I guess, it only fits me, I guess."

II: Did that put pressure on you as a kid? It's not exactly a common name?

GT: "When I was a little kid, all the kids make fun of you for silly things. I was called Goldilocks, Golden Grahams, Golden Flakes. They even asked me 'Is your brother named Platinum? Silver? Bronze?' At first, when I first started hearing it I was like 'That's kind of mean.' After awhile, when I introduced myself, I'd be like 'I'm Golden. My brother is not named Platinum or Silver.' I tried to make a joke out of it so it doesn't really bother me."

II: What's the best line you've heard?

GT: "I guess, when I dropped a pass, 'You're not so Golden.' In high school, in practice, even this year. It's all right. I just laugh it off."

II: Charlie Weis got into you recently in practice. What goes through your head when that happens?

GT: "It motivates me because I know he's trying to get me on the field and I shouldn't be, he didn't have to tell me to run a Go as fast as I can. I didn't think the ball was coming to me that time and I just let up and I shouldn't have done that. I should go hard every play. It was a learning point for me if I want to be on the field they need to depend on me and I can't take plays off. He's 100 percent right and I took it in my head as a chance to get better."

II: Did you ever go to your parents and ask why they named you Golden? Obviously you knew your dad was named Golden, but were like 'Why did you do this to me?

GT: "No, I never just went up to them and was like 'Why'd you name me Golden?' I knew my dad's name was Golden."

II: Favorite restaurant in South Bend?

GT: "It's Chipotle. It's not a restaurant but it's my favorite place. Then, Olive Garden."

II: Back in Tennessee?

GT: "I'm a seafood guy so any place with all you can eat crab legs, I'm there."

II: Any place specifically?

GT: "Anywhere with a buffet. Actually, there's a place called 'Golden Dragon' back home."

II: That's kind of fitting.

GT: "Yeah."

II: What's the most crab legs you've eaten in a sitting?

GT: "Six or seven plates. Liked stacked up."

II: Are we talking hundreds here?

GT: "I don't know. I've never counted but I just eat. You'd probably think I was a lineman."

II: Wow. So, how do you get rid of that? Do you have the fastest metabolism in the world?

GT: "I just always end up running the next day or that day. As a kid, you just, you kind of lose whatever you gain real quick."

II: Favorite thing to do outside of football?

GT: "Fish. I love being outdoors on the water, jet skiing, tubing. I love all that stuff."

II: Biggest fish you've caught?

GT: "Hmm. Probably four or five pounds in a tournament that I fished in before I got here."

II: How'd you do in the tournament?

GT: "That one we won. It was a little local tournament that we have every Wednesday."

II: Best moment you've had on the field?

GT: "Not many so I'd say Purdue."

II: Most embarassing moment you've had on the field?

GT: "Most embarrassing? Probably I'd have to say my junior year in high school I was playing offense and the ball wasn't coming to me so I took the play off. Some guy, I don't know where, comes and clocks me and it happened to be on TV that day in Tennessee. That was pretty bad and I saw it and Coach yelled at me. I saw the play on TV and the commentators were talking about it. I was like 'Oh God, that can't happen again.'"

II: Did you hear about from friends?

GT: "Hmm. Yeah. My friends that play at Bucknell always give me crap that their college is better and they won more games."

II: I was talking about the play you took off.

GT: "Oh yeah I did. They rode me for about two days and we had to focus on next week."

II: Were you like 'OK, next week, get here already.'

GT: "Yeah. After that, you never saw it. I was always looking around. I don't know why, but they always after me."

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