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Irish Insights

Notre Dame
Brittany Bock is one of the key cogs of Notre Dame's back-to-back Final Four appearances

"Around 20 Questions" with...Notre Dame soccer player Brittany Bock

Welcome to the latest installation of "Around 20 Questions," a feature hoping to become a regular fixture on Insights. The hope is to do a few of these a week with the tentative schedule being Mondays -- non-revenue athletes; Wednesday -- an athletic alumni; Thursday -- football/men's basketball/women's basketball player or coach. If there is anyone you want us to talk to or any tips on who inside the wacky Notre Dame world might be a good, pithy interview subject, drop an e-mail to Notre Dame senior midfielder Brittany Bock was named the Big East's Preseason Offensive Player of the Year last week. Irish Insights: What's the national team been like compared to Notre Dame?

Brittany Bock: "Well, every team I've been on has been different from club to high school to a different club to national team and it all, they are somewhat the same, obviously, because it's soccer, but national team, high school players come here (to Notre Dame) and this is extremely fast-paced, physical, a step up. National team, depending on what level, is definitely a step up again with the quickness. No matter where I'm at we're demanding perfection with our passing. I think the national team has given me international experience. We play the Mexican national team here every year but going overseas, going to a different culture and learning how different, Brazil plays different than England and Germany so it's a different culture experience I've gotten from that."

II: What's the coolest place you've visited?

BB: "Um, probably for me Brazil because the love for soccer there is everywhere you go from the streets and the beach. Everywhere we went, you find every country pretty much loves soccer except for..."

II: Is that frustrating that every country loves soccer except for here?

BB: "Yeah, I mean, I think it's growing a bit but it is. Soccer, I love the sport and not everyone appreciates what soccer is about. In other countries, you see it. Everyone eats, sleeps and lives for soccer so it's frustrating. But I do, Brazil was fun because it was all around you. It was everywhere you went and Brazil, the history from the sport is wonderful."

II: What do you do when you're not playing soccer?

BB: "Well, I used to like to draw and all that but now just listen to music and just chill."

II: Best concert?

BB: "Well, I've only been to, my friends will laugh at this but probably Toby Keith. That's the only concert I've been to. Well, N*Sync when I was in sixth grade."

II: Which was better, Toby Keith or N*Sync?

BB: "Toby Keith. I had a really fun time this past summer."

II: Why haven't you gone to concerts?

BB: "Well, I love music, that's the thing. But, my friends, I guess you could say I'm pretty cheap and I don't like spending money so I don't like to spend money on things when I can just listen to it. My friends go all the time and it's an awesome experience."

II: So do they ask you all the time and you're like 'Well, I have to crunch numbers?'

BB: "No. It's not so much that. But like my sister would always go to Country Thunder, this huge country (concert) but I always had soccer. I just, soccer always seems to be in the way. But a lot of my friends here go to Dave (Matthews Band) concerts and O.A.R. and all that. I enjoy that music, it's not my favorite music, but I'm just not as, I guess my music is a little bit different than everyone else."

II: Do you feel like you're missing out?

BB: "Um, I never think I miss out on anything. I choose what I want to do. I think it'd be a lot of fun. I had a lot of fun at the Toby Keith concert and I'm sure I'll go to more in the future, once I start getting some money, but it's a fun experience."

II: You joke about being cheap. Where'd it come from?

BB: "Well, um, I guess since I've been playing soccer I've never had a job so I've never had the income to go spend whatever I wanted and I'm not one of those people who likes to ask their parents for money, which they are pretty happy about. I just never, I don't know, everything I'd wear, borrow my sister's clothes. I had to duct tape them when I was younger. But now I don't see the need. I can listen to music or do different things without having to spend money and save my parents a little struggle."

II: So you're looking forward to a job then?

BB: "I wouldn't say I'm looking forward to getting a job but I hopefully can play professionally for a long time and get some income there. I'm a marketing major so stay around sports, that'd be fun for me. Something that I'd really want, I'd like, I'd save up to buy so it's not like I, I don't know."

II: So it's not like you don't have anything?

BB: "I have a lot of money saved up. I'd rather save my money than spend it."

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