There's number 1! Let's keep it going tomorrow night!
Posted by James Mellon (121 posts) at 10:15 pm Friday
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I didn't get to listen to the game so all I know of is the game stats and the comments through out the game on Facebook...just wondering if they appeared to be as strong, aggressive and sharp as they were with Reading? I know Ben played outstanding..but checking on the team as a whole.
Posted by hockey fix (127 posts) at 10:34 pm Friday
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We went to the game tonight and I must say first off thanks to the true Cincy fans...class act in our back to the is this team on a mission!! Never gave up and that's what we need in the playoffs!!! This team is determined to make a point and they let Cincy know it...meisner played his arse off tonight once again!!! Kudos to Graham...ya I've been skeptical of him all year but he has this team believing now and it has been great Komet hockey!!!
Posted by kometfan29 (320 posts) at 10:37 pm Friday
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Wichita in six!
Posted by Writes Right Shoots Left (332 posts) at 11:08 pm Friday
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Posted by Larry Carcione (70 posts) at 3:46 am Saturday
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