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One of the most ridiculous things Harrison Smith has seen

The Most Ridiculous Things They've Ever Seen

Football is an odd game, full of eye pokes, stomps and suplexing fans that come on the field. There's been streakers, Immaculate Receptions and bands running on the field with time left on the clock.

In other words: Crazy stuff happens. And when you get a team together, the stories they can tell can be priceless. Here are Notre Dame's stories:

Junior safety Harrison Smith: "Well, I got my eyes gouged once. I was the running back. We just, it was a team we had some bad blood with. It was a pretty good rivalry. It was the first play of the day, we ran a little run to the left for a seven-yard game. I was at the bottom of the pile and everyone was just on me because it was doing the recruiting so everyone was trying to get me a little bit. Someone just gouged me in the eyes. I just kind of lost it and went crazy, kicking and punching. The ref, like, got on me and said he was going to give me a personal foul."

Senior safety Sergio Brown: "I found a dollar in Hawaii on the field. That was ridiculous. The play was going to start and the dollar was running across the field so I picked it up and put it in my girdle. Then the trainer came up to me after the play and saw me pick it up and he was like 'Gimme that dollar' so I gave it to him. It was during the game, after halftime. I guess there was a lot of stuff going on. I guess that's the most ridiculous thing I saw on a football field and it happened to me. "

Senior center Dan Wenger: "One time I was watching my brother, Eddie, play at FIU. I believe they were playing Bethune Cookman and one of the defensive linemen for FIU blatantly came and just punched a guy on Bethune Cookman right in the nuts. It was, it wasn't in a pile or anything. It was completely away from all other players and everything and just slugged him.

"It was like, what the hell, did that really just happen? Me and my other brother, we were kind of laughing, like jeez man, that was messed up. My brother's on the sideline waiting for the offense to get back out there and this guy on his team lays a haymaker right in the babymaker.

"He went down. He got a clear shot. He got everything. I remember he definitely got ejected. It was either my sophomore or junior year in high school."

Sophomore tight end Joseph Fauria: "Like a clown jumping on the field or something like that? Well, I went to the Super Bowl to see my uncle (Christian Fauria) and I saw the guy streak. I had the binoculars and everything. I was like 'Oh, take 'em.' I was scarred. I was like 'Is he wearing…no, he's not.' It was funny. That's pretty ridiculous. I wasn't that young. I knew the male body, I guess. I was probably like 13, 14.

And then the sprinklers last year, that was pretty funny."

Sophomore quarterback Dayne Crist: "The most ridiculous thing? One of my Pop Warner teammates ran out of a jersey. His jersey ripped off of him and he kept running without pads. I was like 12 or 13. Milton Knox, who goes to UCLA. At that age, he was just such a powerful runner and he was so strong and everything and he was literally dragging a guy and it just ripped and he ran right out of his jersey.

"Yeah, Milton and I are great friends and we'll continue to be friends throughout the rest of our lives but we bring that up from time to time. We were like 'What happened?' We were going crazy because it was really cool but we were laughing about it. We played for the Northridge (Calif.) Knights."

Senior gunner Mike Anello: "Michigan State, I forgot if it was a bad snap or Maust dropped the ball and then he punted it and it rolled on the ground. It might have been our other guy. But it was rolling on the ground and I just pushed the Michigan State guy into it and he missed the ball so I went to cover it and I grabbed his leg and was dragging it to the ball and I've seen pictures of it. One of his teammates is pulling him away as I'm dragging him to the ball. I finally touch it and I grabbed the ball and was like 'Yeah!' The ref looks at me and is like 'You can't do that.' That's actually the most ridiculous thing."

Tight ends coach and former Miami Dolphin Bernie Parmalee: "Ridiculous? We was playing the Raiders and they came to Miami and it was hot and humid. It was like the third quarter and the D-linemen, we were doing the cadence and I was like 'We got 'em now. We got 'em now boys.' He's hurling. He's puking right there. I'm like 'Ahh, not going to run there.' O-linemen crazy, too. They get back in the huddle and are like 'You see that? You see that!' It was crazy. I tell it once in a while. I remember it like it was yesterday. It was like 'We got 'em. He's done. Stick a fork in him.' It was the D-tackle for the Raiders. He just hurled. It wasn't like it was halftime or a couple minutes or a two minute break or it was a timeout. This was during playing. That was back in '94. We won in overtime."

Running backs coach Tony Alford: "We were watching high school tape, recruiting tape, actually. The offensive line came to the line of scrimmage but they had their backs turned. Yeah, they did. On some sort of a cadence, they all jumped up in the air, spun around, did a 180 and got their feet set and got down and got in their stance. It was like every play. It wasn't just once. It was every play. We sat as a staff, it was at Iowa State, and we are like 'What are they doing?' That's one of the weirdest things I've seen. I've seen some weird plays and stuff like that. I don't remember where it was at. I just remember we were all laughing at it. If you just sit and watch tape, recruiting tape and whatever, you'll see stuff on the sidelines, they may pan out to something in the stands. The more tape you watch, the more bizarre things you have a chance to see. That was different."

Wide receivers coach Rob Ianello: "It was a high school playoff game, OK, in Louisiana. St. Augustin was involved in it. The team they were playing had them beat. As the clock was ticking down, the ballplayer threw the ball straight up in the air and a St. Aug guy caught it, ran it back for a touchdown and St. Aug won the game. He threw it up to celebrate that they had beaten St. Aug and the ball never hit the ground and the guy ran it back for a touchdown. I was coaching at Arizona. It was unbelievable, I've never seen that before."

Senior left tackle Paul Duncan: "Jeez, I don't know. I always think it's crazy when you see guys jump over another player, either trying to tackle them or block them. I know Harrison Smith one time, he was blitzing off the end and some guy, I don't even think he was trying to cut block him. It was during a game and a guy ducked in and Harrison just jumped right over him. I was right there on the sideline."

More From Harrison Smith: "Have you seen the clip of James Harrison suplexing that fan that ran on to the field? It was pretty funny. Just this random guy comes on the field and Harrison comes behind him and slams him on the ground. And then the Sean Taylor hit on the punter in the Pro Bowl was just disgusting. It was brutal."

More From Rob Ianello: "One of the most incredible things I've ever seen in person, Coach Hart was coaching at Washington at the time. In 1998 we played them in Seattle, I was at Arizona. There was 12 seconds left in the game and we were on their, might have been their 12, 14 yard line. Third down, we were down 28-24, I believe, something like that. We needed to score a touchdown to win. Our quarterback, Ortege Jenkins, came over and we were like 'OJ, we're going to run this play, if he's not open, throw it out of bounds. We can run another play. We have no timeouts left. Don't run.' He said 'OK, gotcha coach.' We came down and he took a seven step drop or nine-step drop and took off running. He got to the 4-yard line and the two Washington guys came in on him low. He did a complete flip, left his feet, complete 360, landed on his feet in the endzone for a touchdown. We won the game. Called it 'The Leap By The Lake.' I think that was amazing. We lost the next week to UCLA but we finished 12-1. My wife's on the sidelines and after the game I'm going over to find OJ and there's this blonde on top of him on the sidelines. She was up recruiting and flew in for the game. It was amazing. She was coaching at Arizona and was recruiting so she worked it in to be at the game. We gave her a sideline pass. It was like 'Someone get the blonde girl off the quarterback so we can get out of here.' In person, that was the most incredible play I've ever seen."