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Miamisburg's Love Affair With David Bruton -- And Other Things From The Former Safety

David Bruton will be selected somewhere in the seven rounds of this weekend's NFL draft and when he is, he'll be the first player from Miamisburg, Ohio, to have been drafted by an NFL team. Understandably, as I wrote about Bruton in Thursday's Journal Gazette, the entire town of Miamisburg is pretty pumped about the whole deal. From talking with people in the town, it sounds like he might end up being one of the most famous people to eve be from Miamisburg if this all pans out for him.

What follows is the rest of what ended up being a 20-minute chat with the former Notre Dame safety:

Insights: How have things changed since the Combine?

David Bruton: "Things have just slowed down a little bit. Not having to work necessarily to put on a big show in front of hundreds of coaches and team personnel wasn't as stressful as was.

"After the combine, things slowed down."

II: Did you have good feelings after the combine?

DB: "The combine helps you only so much. A lot of the job interview is through the tape. But I felt my combine performance helped me, didn't hurt me necessarily. I felt the arrow was going up and gaining more teams' interest and raised eyebrows a little more about me."

II: What teams did you work out for?

DB: "Just one, the Broncos, because they were all at the combine and the Broncos defensive backs coach came in a couple days before the Pro Day and Carolina was supposed to come in a couple days before but they had some scheduling issues so they couldn't come in the day before but they came in for the Pro Day."

II: Didn't you go to the Jets, too?

DB: I took visits to the Broncos and the Jets, not necessarily workouts but team visits.

II: What are your feelings toward this week?

DB: "Just chill and let the chips fall where they may. I've done that all that I can thus far, just it's not necessarily in my hands anymore. My interview process is basically over."

II: Are you glad it's here, sense of relief? Anxiousness?

DB: "A little bit of both. Relief in that I'll know where I'm going to be for possibly the next three years. It's good that this year, I've just, like I said, it's been a long process and for it to finally be here is amazing in itself. To have an idea of where I'll be and what's next on my agenda."

II: What was the most trying part of it? The most rewarding part?

DB: "Let me see. The most rewarding part was, you know, getting to make these close friendships with a lot of these guys you've played against, be able to keep cool with them and have kind of like some form of release with friends that you've met through this process at the combine or the Senior Bowl, so when it is time to relax, you get to relax.

"As far as the most frustrating thing, just how long the wait has been since the Pro Day. It's been a long wait."

II: How long have you been in Miamisburg?

DB: "For a few weeks. I've been back to school a few times for a few days, moving stuff out of my apartment. Then, I've been home."

II: Is that different than what you were going to initially do?

DB: "This is about right. I knew I'd be home most of the time, be in front of my family, my friends, went to my brother's Spring Game this past Saturday (at Miami of Ohio)."

II: When you go around town, what's that like?

DB: "It's where do you think you're going to go, do you have any idea what team is going to get you, there's a lot of that from the high school kids in the high school, some of the coaches, some of the people I knew around the area."

II: A few years back, I remember talking with DeAngelo Hall before the draft and he said he created himself in Madden and put himself on every team. Have you done anything like that?

DB: "I haven't played Madden in so long. I played with myself, still, in NCAA on '08, but when I used to, I think I put myself on every team when I used to, at some point, on every team. That was early high school was the last time I'd create myself on Madden or take myself through NCAA and put myself in Madden.

"It is a long time ago. They are like 'You've got one more year and you'll be eligible for the Miamisburg Hall of Fame.' I'm like 'I've been out five years? God.'"

II: You feel like you're a lock for the Miamisburg Hall?

DB: "I mean, I'd hope so. It's not every year someone breaks seven track records, goes to play football at Notre Dame and gets drafted so I..don't…think…so. I don't think I won't get accepted into it. I don't know."

II: How have your parents been about the draft process?

DB: "Oh, no, my parents are real chill and laid back themselves. The same people all the time, doesn't change. Always been the same characters that I've grown up with."

II: Does Jaden have a clue what's going on? Are you glad he doesn't?

DB: "He has not a clue what's going on. He just knows I play football.

Without him having to worry about it or be stressed out about it is a good thing. Even for myself, it's a good thing because that would mean, if he was 5, he would have been born my junior year in high school. I don't think that would have gone over too well."

II: So it's good he's not asking you questions then?

DB: "Nah. He's just worried about playing tackle or racing or teasing him or me putting him on my shoulders."

II: How many people are you expecting this weekend?

DB: "My whole family, about the size of a big wedding. I'm just playin. About 50, 50 people, a lot of friends and family."

II: Are you handling most of that?

DB: "I'll handle it for the most part. My parents will help, too, it's mostly within the family. On Saturday, downtown Miamisburg is supposed to block off a street or something and have a big old draft party and charity event that I signed stuff for."

II: Do you have to go to the Saturday draft party?

DB: "Independent of me. They didn't ask me to do any appearance or anything or scheduled the draft party. But I'll pop my head in."

II: Do you think you could run for Mayor of Miamisburg and win (Bruton studied Political Science at Notre Dame)?

DB: "I'm not going to necessarily say that because I'm not a fan of politics."

II: What's your thoughts on President Obama speaking at graduation? Are you going?

DB: "I'm definitely going. My mom wouldn't have that any other way herself."

II: What was your reaction when you heard Obama was speaking?

DB: "I was like 'Hey, that's great. Let me get my camera ready.'"