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Boiler Bits: Joey Elliott

First-year starting quarterback Joey Elliott is such a busy guy, it took some time to sit him down for random questions.

He made sure to think hard on some of them, taking as much as 30 seconds before responding to what serves as his motivation in life.

Gotta love the effort -- just like on the field.

If you could have a super power, what would it be? I wish I could fly, never be late to class, never late to meetings. That'd be a good one. Or a mind reader. If I could read a defensive coordinator's mind before he calls a defense, that'd be great, too.

What was your favorite toy as a kid? Probably my first bike my grandma bought me. Loved riding my bike. I'd ride it all over town. Soon as my parents said I could cross the Lloyd Expressway (in Evansville), I was gone. Soon as they said, 'Be back by dark,' I'd be back right at dark.

Did you have like a posse you'd ride with? Actually, I grew up with a lot of kids that were older than I am, three years old, my brother's age. I was the small guy of the bunch. Everybody I hung out with was way bigger than I was. All of them went to high school with me. I actually got to play varsity baseball with them when I was a freshman. They're people call me, text me, facebook message me all the time, keep representing Montclair Court.

Is there a TV show you can't miss? Our whole apartment and a lot of players got into Entourage. We didn't miss that on Sunday nights. Everybody would get together.

Would you be a good reality TV star? Sometimes I wonder if a camera would follow us around, it'd be fun, just because we have a good time. All the guys I'm around are fun-loving guys, like Jason Werner, he's hilarious, and Jared (Zwilling). The whole football team, basically, the inside look at Purdue football. If we had a camera following us around, going to classes, hanging out with us off the set of football, it'd be a good reality show. I've dabbled with the camera once or twice in Chicago (at the Big Ten media day).

That only lasted a short time. I didn't get the camera again. The equipment is pretty expensive to put in my hands.

Any weird dreams lately? No, not lately. I like taking naps. I don't dream too much during naps.

What's your ideal job? Hopefully, be a head coach one day, work up the ladder. Quarterback coach, offensive coordinator, head coach. I'd like to be the youngest coach in the NFL. Just see what the Broncos are doing and their young head coach and the energy he brings to the table, I feel like maybe I can do the same thing.

What's your motivation in life? Well, there's life after life, obviously.

So your faith is important to you. Yes, I'm a Christian. Seeing other people smile. I love social interaction, got an X on every one of my report cards. I guess that's what motivates me every day. You wake up, and you never know who you're going to meet. That first impression is life-lasting. That's something I've learned from my family and my upbringing. Hopefully, you have a lasting impression and you can impact others. That's what coaching is. You have a chance to impact a kid's life.

You're on a road trip and stop to get gas. What snacks do you buy? Pizza Combos at the gas station. Maybe if they have some chicken fingers – depends on what gas station you go to. Done that once or twice going to Florida. Then a Gatorade.

Other guys have said Gatorade, too. So you like the taste -- it doesn't have to be after a workout? Yes. I like all flavors. I buy the variety pack, actually. Twenty-four pack. Don't buy them by the eights, buy them by 24.