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Al hangs out on the couch.

A dog hater? Get real

I’ve been pondering the survey that showed that more people dislike cats than dislike dogs, and that many dog people dislike cats, but few cat people dislike dogs.

I’m overwhelmingly a cat person. I’ve never met a cat I didn’t like, but I’ve met plenty of dogs I’d rather not meet again. That’s not to say I dislike dogs – how can a person dislike an entire species? OK, I don’t like ants. But that’s another story.

I like dogs in the abstract. The idea of a dog wagging its tail when it sees me, playing tricks and sitting at my feet is warm and fuzzy. But the reality of dogs isn’t always nice.

Dogs playing tricks is entertaining, and there’s nothing wrong with having a dog at your feet. And the “tail wag” greeting is nice, but strangers’ dogs jumping up and slobbering on me is annoying on three fronts: 1) the dog jumping; 2) the slobbering; and 3) the owner laughing and shouting, “Down, Bubba! – Sorry, he always does this!”

With dogs, there always seems to be shouting. “Down!” “Sit!” “Quit eating the cat poop!”

With cats, you hear, “Here, kitty kitty kitty” and “Where are you, kitty?” It would be ridiculous to scream at a cat because cats just don’t care.

And that’s one of the reasons I’m a cat person.

Dogs are such people-pleasers that I feel a little sorry for them. Cats are often criticized for being aloof and independent, but they have self-esteem, something you can’t say about dogs. If dogs could talk, they’d say, “Like me, like me, like me.” Cats would say, “You don’t like me? It’s your loss.”

Are dog people like dogs? Are they constantly seeking approval? Are cat people like cats, capable of being disliked without going into treatment?

Of course not. Dog people can say they hate cats and not care who knows it. Cat people write lengthy explanations for not loving dogs – and then take it all back.

Really, Bubba’s fine. But ants …