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No appeal for the peel


Judge: Everyone please be seated.

Clerk: Your honor, I now call case DOG-5849, Denali and the missing banana.

A black and white Siberian husky is lead to the front of the courtroom by owners, Mark and Kimberly Truesdell.

Judge: Denali, how do you plea?

Denali: Bo-woo-woo-wo

Judge, looking puzzled: Are you sure that’s your plea?

Denali: Raw-raaah-raw

Judge: This case file says that you, Denali, jumped on the counter without permission and stole half of a banana that was intended for Mr. Truesdell. Mr. Truesdell, please explain.

Mark: My wife and I were getting ready to take Denali for a run, and she asked if I would like to split a banana. You know, some pre-run snackage. She ate her part and left the rest of the banana, in its peel, on the kitchen counter. I went to grab it, and it wasn’t there.

Judge: Did you find the banana?

Mark: No. Well, not at first.

Judge: Please explain.

Mark: We looked on all the counters for the banana – even in the fridge. Kim, my wife, and I were worried that Denali ate the whole thing ... peel and all. We had almost given up hope when I found a brown, empty peel on the living room area rug.

Judge: Is that exhibit A?

Mark: Yes.

Judge: Bailiff, please bring me exhibit A.

Bailiff hands over a plastic zip bag with a discolored banana peel.

Judge: Denali, are these your teeth marks on the peel?

Denali looks blankly at the judge.

Judge: Denali, ANSWER the question.

Denali leaps in the air, trying to catch a fly that just buzzed in front of his face.

Judge: Denali, this charge is serious. You could lose solo kitchen privileges and may receive treat restrictions. Did. You. Eat. The. Banana? Did. You. Leave. The Peel. On. The. Rug?

Denali lies down on the floor to chew the fly. He briefly looks up at the judge.

Judge: That’s it.

Judge picks up gavel and hits desk.