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And Another Thing


Well, that takes care of that, then

So I'm trying to think here how the NCAA would have handled the Titanic hitting the iceberg, or some similar disaster, considering how it handled the whole Cam Newton mess yesterday.

"There," said Mr. NCAA Investigator, applying a fresh coat of spackle. "That should take care of it ..."

Yeesh. For all the times they've landed on some poor kid (and his school) with both boots when a good talking-to would have sufficed, it's shocking how breezily the rules cops dismissed the Newton business, re-instituting his eligibility by reasoning that, yes, his dad was shopping him around like the late Billy Mays hawking Mighty Mendit, and that was bad, but, well ... the kid didn't know anything about it, so, he's clean.

Let me say first of all that if you believe Cam didn't know what his dad was up to -- or that, after his offer of cash-for-Cam was turned down by Mississippi State, he didn't make the same offer to Auburn -- I've got some finely aged moon cheese you might like to try.

Let me say second of all it's not relevant if he did know, because if your next reaction is that if he did, he should have told his dad to knock it off ... well, that's not rational. He's a 20-year-old kid who's been steeped all his life in the whole honor-your-mother-and-father thing. It's simply not realistic, in light of that, for him to suddenly tell his dad where to get off. If you're raised to trust your parents' judgment, that's what you do, no matter the consequences.

So. I don't have a problem with what the NCAA did. I have a problem with how it arrived at its decision, which apparently was with a notable lack of its usual skepticism about these things.

Couldn't have anything to do with the fact that, if it sits Cam down, and Auburn loses to South Carolina in the SEC title game, it opens the door to one of those dreaded non-automatic qualifiers (TCU) slipping into the BCS title game? Could it?

Naw. That couldn't be it.

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