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And Another Thing


A little post-holiday stuff

So I am back, after a few days of holiday cheer. And, lord, the junk mail that accumulates when you've checked out for a few days.

Let's sort through it, shall we?

(Well, except for the credit card companies trying to get me to sign up for a card, thereby increasing the national debt load. No thanks, fellas. Consider the ceremonial wadding up and pitching of your, um, pitches my patriotic duty to America).

Anyway ...

* It never ends well when a politician tries to curry favor with the masses by trying to be Joe Sports Fan. And so, predictably, Pennsylvania Gov. Ed Rendell just came off like a testosterone-fueled bonehead when he railed that we're a "nation of wusses" because the NFL wisely chose to move Sunday's game in Philadelphia to tonight, on account of they would have been playing it in the middle of a blizzard.

Mind you, this was not just a few flakes of snow and some crispy windchills, as it's being portrayed by the yapping poodles on ESPN. This was a major storm that dropped 30 inches of snow on New Jersey, whipped up 5-foot snowdrifts on the New Jersey Turnpike and virtually shut down the whole East Coast.

But Gov. Tough Guy thinks we're all wimps because they didn't go ahead and play the game. Riiiight.

OK, look: Having lived through a similar storm 32 years ago -- and actually ventured out in the middle of it, being just another testosterone junkie in my younger days -- I can demonstrably say it's not something you want to mess with. Ever. And you sure as hell don't try to move thousands of fans in and out of a stadium and try to play a football game in the middle of it.

That doesn't prove you're manly. It just proves you've got the IQ of aquarium gravel.

So, good call by the NFL. Because -- and here's something everyone seems to be missing -- it's not like the old days, when the typical NFL crowd was comprised of blue-collar Joe Fans who wouldn't have minded sitting out in a blizzard, because they did tougher stuff than that every day.

The typical NFL crowd now is comprised of corporate suits whose toughest task every day is trying to decide whether to lay off a few thousand more Joe Fans before or after lunch. No way they're going to want to tramp through the snow on the way to the company suite.

Which, no doubt, is exactly where you'd find Ed Rendell at a game these days. Speaking of wusses.

* Colin Chaulk returning to the Komets is good news, even if it doesn't exactly qualify as such. His imminent return has been the worst-kept secret for those around the Komets beat for weeks.

I just hope he's not expected to make everything all right all by himself. 'Cause he won't.

* This year's award for Worst Form goes to the San Francisco 49ers brass, who apparently fired Mike Singletary on the plane home after Sunday's woeful 34-20 loss to the pathetic Bengals.

Clearly, though, the timing was right. Seeing as how the 49ers still have one game left in the season to turn things around and all.

* LeBron James gets no points from me for his lame backtrack on comments he made about NBA contraction.

Look, he said what he said. Moreover, he wasn't necessarily wrong.

But even if he was, he should have cowboyed up and taken ownership of it. Don't come out two days later, just because your comments stirred up a little controversy, and give us this pathetic drivel about how you didn't know what "contraction" meant and you certainly didn't mean to advocate that, oh, goodness, no.

Come on, LeBron. You knew exactly what you were saying. Stand by it.

* Last but hardly least ... good for President Obama for praising the Eagles for giving Michael Vick another chance. The concept of redemption is one of the tenets this nation was founded on. Good to see the Prez understands this.

Of course, this being the nation it is, expect someone out there to immediately begin railing that defending the Eagles for hiring Vick just proves how morally bankrupt the Obama administration is, or some such nonsense. After all, look at how some of our more notable peawits immediately defended our children's constitutional right to be fat and unhealthy now that Michelle Obama has become an advocate in the battle against childhood obesity.

What a country.

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