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And Another Thing

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What does it take? Ray Lewis and a ballpeen hammer?

Come out with your hands up

Quick quiz for everyone today, as part of the Blob's continuing attempt to educate the masses:

What would it take for Roger Goodell and the NFL owners he represents to come to their senses and realize they can't get their way simply by doing whatever they please?

A. A ball-peen hammer upside the head.

B. Ray Lewis upside the head.

C. Ray Lewis with a ball-peen hammer, plus yet another judge, upside the head.

I vote "C."

Because, listen, when you've been told twice your lockout is illegal ... and you've been told stockpiling TV money that isn't yours to get you through a lockout is illegal ... and you're likely to be told again in the appeals court your lockout is illegal, you probably should take the hint.

Which is: Settle. Now.

I see no other recourse for the owners, now that Judge Susan Nelson has, in so many words, told the owners that, yes, lifting the lockout means the lockout is lifted, so get back to work already before I go upside your head with a contempt citation.

And so the doors are open again, although the teams are still dragging their feet on whatever they can get away with dragging their feet on. The Tennessee Titans even greeted their players at the door with armed guards, a bit of corporate nastiness that an indication of just how far south the employer-employee relationship has gone.

That said, the owners don't have too many chips left to play. If their lockout is dead meat, so is their leverage. And because it's them, not the players, who want more this time around ... and because they want more even though they're already making tons o' green, unlike their counterparts in the NBA ... and because no one, as a result, believes them when they say their circumstances are dire ...

Well. Raise those hands, gentelmen. Come on out. Time to sit down and settle this.

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