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So there were your Dallas Mavericks hoisting the Larry O'Brien Trophy while the Threatles went slinking off to their doom in this instant-tag world -- their doom being, in this case, that they Failed, and are therefore, at least in LeBron James' case, Losers -- and the Blob has a few thoughts on it all, some less worthy than others:

1. Brian Cardinal now has a ring and LeBron doesn't. The world is a strange and wonderful place.

2. LeBron's bitter postgame rant against his detractors -- the gist of which was "Yeah, I lost, go celebrate, but tomorrow all you losers have to go on with your loser lives" -- smacked of the very sort of classless, elitist snobbery that birthed The Decision and brought the crap-storm down on his head to start with. A bit of advice, LeBron: Just shut up. People are gonna think what they want to think either way, but at least if you shut your gob they won't be able to say you haven't been classy about it. Now they can.

3. Speaking of classy, how about Mark Cuban, who, instead of running off at the piehole like he usually does, nearly ran screaming from Stuart Scott's microphone last night? This after having David Stern present the trophy not to him, but to the Mavs' original owner, Donald Carter.

I hate to say this, but that was as classy an act as I've caught in awhile. So good on ya, Cuban.

4. Speaking of owners, I guess if it was a night for Big D, you've got to have a Little D, too. That would the Cavaliers' dipstick owner, Dan Gilbert, who couldn't resist a catty tweet that was a not-so-veiled shot at LeBron.

He really needs to let this go. Because the brutal truth is, if Gilbert had made even a half-you-know-what attempt to build a team around LeBron, LeBron would still be there. But Gilbert didn't do that. So all of this is as much on him than it is on LeBron.

5. If you were older than 40 (or like me, older than 55), didn't watching 38-year-old Jason Kidd hoist the trophy make you want to immediately go outside and shoot jumpers?

OK, so maybe that was just me.

6. Dirk deserved his MVP, but in the last three games it was Jason Terry who put this team on his back. The Mavs don't win without him.

7. Last but not least ... an early prediction for next season: In June of 2012, if there's an NBA season, it'll be the Heat hoisting the trophy. Book it.

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