Political Notebook


Paddock preaches peace

Democratic Fort Wayne City Council 5th District candidate Geoff Paddock on Tuesday released his plan for reducing rancor among council members.

He said problems have arisen when council members present bills not thoroughly researched or not appropriate for the council to consider. While he did not mention it specifically, the criticism seems aimed at failed attempts by council Republicans to prohibit political contributors to city politicians from winning city contracts.

"If council members come to meetings better prepared, after doing adequate research on their subject matter, the debate will be much more efficient and productive," he wrote in an op-ed that appeared in Tuesday's Journal Gazette. "This is sorely lacking right now."

His plan calls for presenting legislative ideas to city and council attorneys for input, talking with affected departments and seeking a cosponsor. Paddock faces Republican Ben Hall in this fall's general election, as Democratic Councilman Tim Pape is not seeking another term.