Political Notebook


Business reception

Mayor Tom Henry’s campaign hasn’t been shy about spending money this fall, and will continue to raise more tonight thanks to several prominent local business people, many with past Republican leanings.

Danni Rifkin, the former chief operating officer at OmniSource, invited guests to the function at the Rifkin Estate on Abbeyhill Road. The upscale event is to include valet parking.

But Rifkin wasn’t the only high profile name on the host list. It also included Jon and Kathy Lassus, of Lassus Oil Co.; Chuck and Lisa Surack, of Sweetwater Sound, and Bill Bean and Ronda Hanning, local developers who previously have been active in the local Republican Party.

The event also includes some family connections, such as Jerry Henry, the mayor’s former company The Gallant Group and The Green Frog, the tavern owned by the mayor’s wife.

While the invitation includes no price tag for the event, the Henry campaign confirmed the cost to attend was $1,000. Sponsors and hosts paid $2,000.