Political Notebook


County Council asks about censorship at budget hearings

The Allen County Council showed it doesn’t always stay on topic during budget hearings, asking local library officials about censorship this week instead of its finances.

During his presentation, Jeff Krull, director of the Allen County Public Library, outlined several cost-cutting initiatives the library has initiated in the last few years, adding it had reduced staff by the equivalent of 37 full-time people and is now down to 313 employees overall.

Seemingly ignoring those efforts, Kevin Howell, R-1st, and Tom Harris, R-2nd, both asked whether the library had any guidelines for restricting material some people found objectionable, with Harris citing the conservative attitudes of the Allen County area.

Krull said the library asks anyone voicing such a complaint to submit a form, which is later reviewed by an in-house committee.

Most of the time, the complaints are not valid, Krull said.

“It’s hard to draw a line like that, and who draws it?” Krull said.

“What one person finds objectionable, another may find perfectly acceptable. While some parents will not let their children read certain publications, another parent will encourage their children to read that material.”