Political Notebook


GiaQuinta removed again

Mark GiaQuinta’s role as president of the Fort Wayne Community Schools board drew more contention this week.

A little more than a week after GiaQuinta was forced to resign from a state charter school board because of his elected post, he was forced to recuse himself from an Allen County Election Board meeting.

GiaQuinta was filling as a proxy member for the election board because the board was discussing George Guido, a coworker of Democratic board member Andy Boxberger.

Gina Burgess, who was trying to get Guido removed from the ballot, jumped in when GiaQuinta tried to dismiss her effort. She said GiaQuinta was not allowed to serve as a proxy under state law because he was an elected official.

Rather than fight her effort, GiaQuinta abstained from the matter and let the other two members dismiss her effort.

“This $2,000 school board office is really causing me a lot of trouble,” he said after the meeting.