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Daniels not budging on Bonahoom endorsement

It appears Gov. Mitch Daniels isn't going to heed Rep. Phil GiaQuinta's call to rescind his endorsement of Republican Zach Bonahoom for city clerk.

GiaQiunta issued a statement on Monday regarding Bonahoom's tweet referring to a parking attendant as a "parking nazi."

"Referring to our public servants as Nazis is grossly inappropriate and demonstrates an incredible lack of judgment. Anyone who would equate city employees with mass murderers clearly has no place holding city office," he said in the news release. "I have worked with Governor Daniels for several years now and while we disagree on many things, I doubt that we disagree over the serious breach of decency that occurred here. I would hope that Governor Daniels would not have endorsed this young man had he known of his serious lack of judgment. He does now and should withdraw his support."

Daniels response?

"The good news is the election will be over in 20 days."

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