Political Notebook


Not picking sides

Gov. Mitch Daniels’s support has been sought in the Republican presidential primary, but he is unsure whether he will offer it openly.

During a trip to Fort Wayne on Wednesday, Daniels said he likes all the candidates and hopes they all do well, and he is unsure whether he will endorse one of the contenders for president. Daniels had considered a run for the presidency before announcing he didn’t want to put his family through a national campaign.

The governor, who recently went on a tour to promote his book, said some of the candidates have contacted him asking for his backing, but he isn’t sure he will give it.

“I’m not sure who would be impressed with what I have to say anyway,” Daniels said.

While Daniels said he believes President Obama is in trouble next year, he also said he hopes the eventual GOP nominee doesn’t simply try to coast to victory over a struggling president. He said the country needs a leader who will be honest with its citizens and present bold ideas for its future success.

“It won’t be enough for someone new to win the election,” he said.

Daniels also said he doesn’t plan on endorsing anyone in the Republican primary to replace him as the state’s executive next year, although he noted Rep. Mike Pence is the favorite.

“I’m not sure he needs my help,” Daniels said of Pence.

Businessman Jim Wallace has also announced he will seek the Republican gubernatorial nomination.