Political Notebook


Legal fight pending

The city election might be two weeks old, but that doesn’t mean its political fights are complete.

On Oct. 31, Republican nominee Paula Hughes had attorney David Hawk send a two page letter to Mayor Tom Henry demanding the campaign retract recent mailers accusing Hughes of not paying her taxes.

“Not only are the statements patently false, they impute criminal conduct and are specifically made with the intention of harming Paula Hughes’ reputation in the community,” Hawk wrote.

The attorney asked Henry to send new mailers to all recipients of the original, telling them the statements were false and asking Henry to issue a press release also retracting those comments.

The mailer was paid by the state Democrats, but Hawk said Henry and others worked to spread “this lie to the public.”

The letter might sound like heated political rhetoric at the climax of the campaign, but Hughes last week said she is not ready to drop it quite yet.

“That has not been decided yet,” she said of dropping plans to sue Henry. “There is a fair amount of documentation and background that has to go into something like that.”

She said she plans to gather evidence and then decide, although gave no specific schedule for when that might occur.