Political Notebook

  • Mom's ad surprises candidate
    Congressional candidate Justin Kuhnle said Wednesday afternoon that except for an image texted by a friend, he had little knowledge of a newspaper advertisement supporting his candidacy.
  • Bennett back at the Statehouse
    Gov. Mike Pence had an intriguing visitor to his Statehouse office Tuesday - former Republican Superintendent of Public Instruction Tony Bennett.
  • Right to Life PAC endorses 6 area GOP candidates
    The Indiana Right to Life Political Action Committee has endorsed six area Republicans seeking Statehouse office.

Movement preferences

Fort Wayne voters appear to prefer their tea to occupations, but not overwhelmingly.

Results from a poll conducted by the Mike Downs Center of Indiana Politics showed 32.3 percent of likely voters had a favorable opinion of the Tea Party, while 20 percent of respondents had a favorable view of the Occupy movement.

One of the biggest differences between the groups’ supporters was a core belief: whether or not to compromise. The entire poll sample found nearly the same amount of people felt it was more important to compromise as it was to stand firm.

That tie is clearly broken along movement lines: those supporting the Tea Party believe it is important to stand firm – 75 percent – while those supporting the occupiers believe compromise is important – 71.4 percent.

Despite that seemingly critical difference, nearly a quarter of the respondents who had a favorable opinion of the occupy movement also had a favorable opinion of the Tea Party.

The poll was conducted in the days prior to the municipal election and had a margin of error of 4.89 percent at the 95 percent level of confidence.