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Published: November 27, 2011 8:00 a.m.

Math4Knitters, Crafty Living: Show 100

Lara Neel

Lara Neel - The Journal GazetteCAT

This might also be a pretty good stash-buster.

It's show 100! That is both cool and freaky to me.

This week, I chat with Michelle Simkins and share a pattern for a super-easy Christmas ornament.

I feel that, with this being show 100, I should do something extra-special. But, the calendar is a cruel mistress and, if I don't stay on task, I'll be trying to shoehorn Christmas stuff into shows in January. So, it's just a little of what Elizabeth Zimmermann might call "Christmas fiddle-faddle."

Easy, fast, and pretty cute. It's a small sleeve with a little lace pattern which you can slip over a clear glass ornament for a some holiday cheer. Even if you have never, ever knit any kind of lace before, this pattern could work for you. It is also a good starting-point for working in the round.

I have at least one more idea worked up and another in the wings, so we'll see how far I get down that list this year, before I run out of time.


Michelle and I talked about her knitted goddess pattern, the Yarn Harlot and a t-shirt we might both need someday.


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