Political Notebook


Cutting commissioners

While discussing how to make dealing with local government easier for businesses, City Councilman Tim Pape, D-5th, said there is one needed change the city can’t make on its own: reducing the number of county commissioners from three to one.

He said it makes no sense for a government to be run by three people, saying no company would have three CEOs.

“It’s not good governance,” he said.

He encouraged other council members to support state legislation mandating the change. The council in January 2010 signed a letter of support of legislation to eliminate two commissioners by 2015, but that change was never approved.

Councilman Mitch Harper, R-4th, joked that Pape might never want to shop at Pep Boys then. The auto parts store is famous for its three historical owners: Manny, Moe and Jack. Harper was the only member of the council to not sign the 2010 letter.