Political Notebook


Flyer amended

It didn't take long for the Allen County Republicans to move Indiana Treasurer Richard Mourdock onto a more level billing with Sen. Richard Lugar.

A day after Political Notebook noted that Mourdock was placed below Lugar on the flyer for the party's Lincoln Day dinner, a revised flyer was sent by Chairman Steve Shine. In an e-mail, Shine said the party was not trying to slight Mourdock and that the "appropriate adjustments" have been made.

In the new flyer, Lugar is still listed first as the featured speaker for the dinner, scheduled for April 30. Mourdock, however, has been bumped to the same row as the senator and is listed as a candidate for senate who is "scheduled to speak."

Rep. Marlin Stutzman, R-3rd, is placed between the two men as the master of ceremonies for the dinner.

Update: Adding further slight to the state treasurer, his name was misspelled in both flyers as "Murdock."