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Last updated: March 30, 2012 4:39 a.m.

What does 'Redrum' have to do with hockey?

Justin A. Cohn
The Journal Gazette

RAPID CITY, S.D. -- So are you ready for the Turner Conference Semifinals between the Komets and Rapid City Rush?

It ought to be a great one.

To help get you ready, check out this story on the Komets' line of Lincoln Kaleigh Schrock, Jean-Michel Rizk and Stephon Thorne.

Note: Would someone please tell Shrock how to properly use his mouthguard?

There is something particularly interesting in this story by Ben Smith on the reasons behind the wacky 2-3-1-1 format to this series. Memorial Coliseum general manager Randy Brown, who has taxpayers to answer to, by the way, signed the contract with Disney on Ice five years ago. At that time, the Komets weren't in the CHL and the playoffs weren't going on around March 30. So before you start lambasting the building, consider that, OK?

As for the top matchups of the series: Read this.

I can tell you the vibe here in Rapid City is that the Rush isn't scared of Fort Wayne. Click here, click here and you may want to listen to this. The Rush has been boasting a lot about its amateurs up here. That makes you wonder why Fort Wayne hasn't brough at least one body in, especially given the injuries.

By the way, I finally saw "Goon" last night. I enjoyed it, though it's a bit of a weird movie, eh? I thought Kim Coates stole the movie as the coach. Alison Pill was pretty accurate as the Puck Bunny. And Liev Schreiver was awesome as grizzled veteran fighter.

This is not a movie for kids, though, so be warned: Lots of foul language.

What did you like that movie?

Annd what are your predictions for the Komets' series? I have Fort Wayne in six.