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Web letter by Christopher Geischen: Evolution denies God’s existence, mocks Christians as fools

As a member of the Concordia Lutheran High School science faculty, I wish to thank Rex Joyner for his kind words about the school’s effect on his life. That said, I must respond to some ideas he wrote in “Pastor mistaken on creationism,” which appeared March 18. Concordia’s science instruction holds to creation being true and evolution relegated only to doing small changes on living things within a very narrow range.

First, one cannot mix creationism with evolution. To do an apples-to-apples evaluation demands a creationism-to-evolution comparison or match creation alongside evolution. The former are ways of thinking and the latter are processes.

Second, the facts of nature are the same for both sides. The difference is the interpretation one puts on the facts. It is the worldview or philosophy of the interpreter which causes the facts to be seen as supporting creation or evolution being true. Creation interpretation will not hinder one doing any valuable-to-society science in the least. One of my former biology students, taught that creation is the better interpretation, is now an oncologist for a hospital. She stated that in her degree program evolution was not even mentioned at all. The truth is that evolution belief is only needed to become an evolutionary science teacher as it is useless to any other operational science field.

Sadly, the evolution-based view says that God does not exist, the Bible is not the true word of God, and people do not rise from the dead as Jesus did that first Easter morning. Ultimately evolution says that there is no Judgment Day as the universe will end in either the big crunch or heat death, therefore a Christian’s faith is unnecessary and he is a fool for believing otherwise.


Fort Wayne