Political Notebook


Inter-party attack

Apparently City Councilman Glynn Hines, D-6th, is not happy with some of the recent changes in the Democratic Party.

In his state of the district speech, given March 17, Hines openly criticized the powers within the party and appeared to question whether he was right for supporting Mayor Tom Henry during last year's election.

A week before the councilman's speech, then Democratic Party Chairman Mike Bynum abruptly announced his resignation from the leadership post and declined to offer any explanation for the decision. According to Hines, that is because it wasn't Bynum's choice.

He said some people expressed concern with the party leadership so Hines suggested they meet to discuss the problems.

"When I left that meeting, I was under the assumption that Mike (Bynum) had decided to stay in office. Lo and behold I find out he was encouraged or forced to resign," Hines said during the speech.

Such actions did not sit well with Hines, who has served on the council since spring of 1999.

"The truth is that right now there are many of us who live in the 6th District, who live in Fort Wayne for that matter, who are very upset with the leadership of our own party for the way that they have chosen to take a person who worked hard to get them reelected and then in the late-night hour make a decision by themselves without concurring with at least the longest serving city council member," he said. "They think that those of us who live on the southeast side live on the plantation, we don't make any decisions in their perspective, and they're wrong."

He later hinted that Wayne Township Trustee Richard Stevenson questioned whether they should support Henry last year – although he never mentioned the mayor by name – but Hines convinced him otherwise. He said he isn't sure if that was the right decision and planned to be as difficult to deal with on the council as newly elected Councilman Russ Jehl, R-2nd.

"When they come to City Council and ask for our vote, don't take me for granted," he said.

Hines was clear in his intent for this part of his annual address to be heard, noting it was being recorded.

The full speech can be found online at http://afw.pegcentral.com/player.php?video=bdb24a64b895fc48e10706c9d8dea980. His attack on the local Democrats starts at about the 14 minute mark.