Political Notebook


Gregg now calls for repeal of right to work


It seems Democrat gubernatorial candidate John Gregg is a little more concerned about the right-to-work legislation passed earlier this year than he let on at first.

Or maybe he just remembered that union supporters are a key demographic of the Democratic Party.

Shortly after the controversial law was passed in February, Gregg sent out this statement:

“It’s time to move beyond this divisive issue. Indiana needs a governor and a legislature that show up for work every day and works together with one focus – creating jobs, whether it’s for a union or non-union workplace. Because in the end, it doesn’t matter if you’re in a union or not – if you get laid off, you’re not bringing home a paycheck.”

But on the road in the last week, Gregg seems to be retreating a bit.

The Indiana Republican Party pointed out that Gregg called for the repeal of the law at a Hammond campaign stop.

And then a few days later at an Indianapolis stop he said if he is elected governor of Indiana, the new right-to-work law will be repealed.

Bold words on such a “divisive issue.”