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The Journal Gazette

Monday, April 09, 2012 8:11 am

Son of Northern League founder quits amid scandal

The Associated Press

The party finance scandal that forced the resignation of Umberto Bossi as head of the Northern League and threw Italian politics into a tailspin has claimed another victim.

Bossi's son Renzo announced Monday he was stepping down as a League regional council member amid allegations he regularly tapped party coffers for personal expenses.

In an interview with Tgcom24 television, the younger Bossi said he was calm, wasn't under investigation and was stepping down for the good of the party.

Last week, Umberto Bossi resigned as head of the League, an anti-immigrant party critical to Silvio Berlusconi's three governments that prides itself on criticism of the wasteful ways of Rome's political establishment.

The scandal isn't expected to affect the techical government of Mario Monti.