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And Another Thing


Ozzie being Ozzie

Look, it's not like the Florida Marlins didn't know what they were getting when they hired Ozzie Guillen. The man's loose lips have sunk more ships than the Seventh Fleet.

So spare me the shock and horror over Guillen's comments to Time magazine, in which he said he admired Cuban dictator Fidel Castro for ruling for so long in the face of long odds. I think I understand what he was trying to say: Tenacity's an admirable quality. He might have chosen a different example, however, considering that, in addition to tenacious, Castro was a vicious thug who was adept at making his enemies, real and imagined, disappear.

Now Ozzie's backpedaling furiously in typical Ozzie style, saying, look, he might have said he admired Castro, but of course he also despises the ground he walks on for his 60 years of brutal rule. And in response, the super-patriots and Cuban-Americans are all up in arms, and various Major League Baseball mouthpieces (come on down, Ken Rosenthal) are saying Guillen should be suspended or worse.

I don't know about that. It's not like he was hurling racial slurs around or denigrating entire peoples. He said something that was foolishly, massively politically incorrect. But he also did it in a country where political incorrectness seems to be in fashion these days -- or so you'd think by the way certain factions reflexively use that expression when trying to explain away some noxious comment one of their champions has made.

Of course, the shoe goes on the other foot when you say you admire a dadburn Commie. Do that, and political incorrectness suddenly isn't cool anymore.

Stinks for Ozzie.

Ben Smith's blog.