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Letters to the editor

Hunger prevention an ongoing fight

Right now, one in six Hoosiers is at risk of hunger. For children, the number is just one in four. An apple a day is out of reach for nearly 49 million Americans. Some 13 percent of Hoosier households lack access, at times, to enough food for an active, healthy life.

Every year, food banks across the country serve millions of Americans unable to afford enough food to feed their families. Last year alone, the member food banks of Feeding Indiana’s Hungry distributed 66.4 million pounds of food and grocery products to Hoosiers in need. Our goal is to just people up with nutritious food.

Those at risk of hunger often cannot afford preventive and follow-up health care services. For this vulnerable population, access to nutritious foods is vital in maintaining good health. Studies show that growing children need a balance of vitamins and minerals for cognitive and behavioral development.

We would not be able to continue this critical work and provide nutritious foods without the support of Hoosier communities. Your food and fund donations to the member food banks of Feeding Indiana’s Hungry are leading our efforts in creating a hunger-free Indiana.

Together, we can provide hope to Hoosiers in need for a better tomorrow.

HANNA KELLEY Executive director, Indiana Dietetics Association EMILY WEIKERT BRYANT Executive director, Feeding Indiana’s Hungry

Southeast shorted on bike trails

There are bike trails north, east and west, but none southeast.

I have been pursing this for more than two years, coupled with the fact that the Obama administration sent $2.1 million to Fort Wayne for bike trails.

None of this government money was spent on bike trails on the southeast side of Fort Wayne.

To appease some of the people, just look at Rudisill Boulevard and Hanna Street. This is considered a bike lane; to me it was a waste of paint.

I consider Rudisill Boulevard and Hanna Street a disaster; it disrupts traffic flow.

On the Rivergreenway the only all-motorized vehicle allowed is a Segway.

By the same token, it is OK to put people on the southeast side in harm’s way on the Hanna and Rudisill bike paths located in the street.

The problem is on those bike paths you have business, emergency vehicles and even a fire station.

I surmise that the only recourse we have on the southeast side is for federal intervention since it was federal dollars allocated for the project.

There was no public hearing to get the input of the residents on the southeast side about where the bike path should be placed.

Fort Wayne promotes these bike trails by stating that they encourage exercise, positive health benefits, gas conservation and help the environment. Southeast side residents do not have the privilege of these luxuries.


Wake up, America, on energy policy

The United States has enough of its own oil and gas reserves, on shore and off shore, to last us for 100 years some say, not even to mention coal. So tell me again why we continue to import half or better the amount of oil we use?

President Obama has made it his mission to force us to use alternative forms of energy. He stated before he was elected that he intended to bankrupt the coal industry, and he and the people he’s surrounded himself with have stated they intend to drive up the cost of petroleum products to the level of cost in Europe to force us to use other forms of energy plus force us to buy cars we really don’t want.

They’ve told you what they intend to do; you only have to listen.

Everybody now knows we have all the oil and gas and coal we need to be energy independent, but they say no, we won’t let you use it! But why do we use so much petroleum in the first place? Because it’s cheap, it’s plentiful and it works really well, and only a fool wouldn’t make use of what we have.

There are many of the anti-oil people who think we should be more like Europe, well, how’s that working out for Europe these days? Don’t like $4 gas? How you gonna like $10 gas? That’s what they want. You’d better think long and hard about whom you vote for this November.