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The Journal Gazette

Wednesday, April 11, 2012 12:38 pm

Haiti youth at center of UN scandal to testify

The Associated Press

A representative for the family of a Haitian youth at the center of a United Nations abuse investigation says the young man will testify in the case.

Fritz Dorziair says the 19-year-old man and his parents will travel to Uruguay for the May 10 court hearing.

The abuse allegations surfaced last September after the young man accused six U.N. sailors from Uruguay of sexually abusing him on a base in southern Haiti.

The peacekeepers were dismissed from the U.N. and later freed from jail pending a military trial on charges of violating rules against fraternizing with civilians inside military bases.

The sailors initially called the episode a prank. The news angered many Haitians and gave ammunition to those who have been demanding a departure by the U.N. mission.