Political Notebook


Pro life support

Conservative Allen County residents should rest assured that their surveyor is pro life.

At least that can be one of the inferences made by the release of the endorsements by the Allen County Right to Life’s political action committee.

The group supported candidates from U.S. senate – picking Richard Mourdock over Richard Lugar – to county commissioner – picking Nelson Peters over John McGauley. It even endorsed more than one candidate in a race if multiple candidates met their pro-life criteria. All winners of the endorsements by the group were Republican.

While it could be argued that federal, state and local legislators could have some influence over abortion, it would be difficult to make that case for the county treasurer and surveyor. Yet the group endorsed both Republican incumbents for the positions, despite the fact Surveyor Al Frisinger has no competition for his position.

Maybe they just wanted people to be sure he took care of the county’s drains in a pro-life manner.