Political Notebook


Fear tactics

With most of the attention being paid to Republican primaries in the area, Democrats are taking an unusual step to ensure their supporters show up to vote.

Carmen Darland, Democratic chair for the 3rd Congressional district, recently sent an email to people asking them to support Kevin Boyd in the party’s primary. Her comments made little mention of Boyd’s platform or stances, but instead told supporters that if they failed to get out and vote, tragedy could strike.

“If you need a reminder of what can happen, take a look at this video,” she wrote, followed by a link to a video on Tommy Schrader, the candidate who was kicked off the ballot for City Council last year after winning a surprise primary victory.

Despite leaving town and voting in another municipal primary in Wisconsin, Schrader secured a nomination, which was credited largely to voter apathy. He was later thrown off the ballot for residency problems.

“Mr. Schrader has signed up in this race for Congress,” Darland wrote. “Kevin Boyd or Tommy Schrader ... it’s up to you.”

Apparently apathy must be a concern for Democrats again this spring.