Political Notebook


Populist push

Money influencing politics is nothing new, yet it is somewhat revealing when a Republican candidate openly attacks a group of successful business officials for trying to exert their influence over government.

That is what Allen County Recorder John McGauley did Wednesday in an attempt to raise money for his campaign to unseat Republican Commissioner Nelson Peters.

On his campaign’s Facebook Page, McGauley wrote that he recently learned Peters will receive “a significant influx of cash from the Northeast Indiana PAC for Better Government.”

The group is financed by several prominent business executives, including Richard Freeland and Don McArdle. It has been a heavy player in local Republican politics for years, giving thousands of dollars to different campaigns.

Or as McGauley writes, “The PAC represents a coalition of Allen County's wealthiest business interests, people who benefit enormously by being able to influence local government’s decisions.”

McGauley asks supporters to donate to his campaign to reduce the influence of the PAC and makes a populist argument as to why they should.

“Do you want your elected leaders picked by corporate interests who have much to gain from controlling what your government is willing to say ‘Yes’ and ‘No’ to? Or would you rather get to do that yourself?” he asked. “If you want to retain control over your government, I am your best and only choice for Allen County Commissioner.”