Political Notebook


Party finances

The pre primary campaign finance reports revealed what most all political insiders in Allen County already knew: Republicans are a lot better at raising money, and spend much more of it as well.

The reports, which were due this month, show the Allen County GOP raising nearly $28,000 and spending nearly $26,000 through April 13. The Democrats raised $7,000 and spent $5,300.

Much of the Democratic donations came from people signed up for the party’s monthly withdrawals, including $150 from Mayor Tom Henry. The Republicans received several donations and even some large ones, such as $3,000 from Bruce Dye, $1,620 from State Sen. Tom Wyss and $1,000 from Michael Swinford.

The Republicans also spent a lot more on similar items. The biggest example is building rent. The Republicans spend almost as much in a month – $2,200 – for their downtown headquarters as the Democrats spent for three months of rent – $2,700.