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And Another Thing


Make way for common sense

The Blob loves to see itself vindicated, so this is a happy day indeed.

What have we been saying all along about the BCS and how to force its hand?

Thaaat's right. Hit it in the wallet.

It is, after all, a wholly artificial construct created for the express and only purpose of helping the super-conferences corner the lion's share of the bowl money. And so the only way it would ever bow to pubic sentiment -- i.e., institute a playoff system -- would be to make the BCS unprofitable.

A market venture is ruled by market forces, after all. And a market venture is all the BCS is or was ever intended to be.

And so don't think it's any coincidence that, three months after the ratings for the BCS national championship between LSU and Alabama went cliff-diving in Acapulco, the BCS commissioners announced today that some form of playoff would be in place by 2014.

Surprise, surprise.

It's years too late, of course, and the four-team playoff envisioned is only a figurative toe in the water for the BCS. But at least it's something, and at least it's a step in the right direction for a group of people who've been notoriously adverse to moving a muscle.

And as for the bowls whose relevance the BCS was so concerned would diminished by a playoff ....

Well, how much more diminished can they get than they already are?

Even with the BCS there to protect their bottom line, after all, the tweaks and twinges the BCS has made over the years to make its hideous creature at least marginally palatable has reduced the bowls to gaudy exhibition games, almost all of which are hemorrhaging money at an alarming rate. So what did BCS have to lose by finally bowing to common sense?

Nada, of course.

And so .... welcome to the 21st century, gentlemen. You'll find you won't miss all that 13th century feudalism as much as you think.

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