Political Notebook


Lunch tidbits

Wednesday’s Allen County Republican luncheon included more than just Richard Mourdock. Here are few of the other highlights of the event:

  • County Councilman Robert Armstrong celebrated his victory by attacking the press for saying he is too quiet. “If you keep your mouth shut and your ears open, you’ll get things accomplished.”
  • Roy Buskirk summed up the mood by saying “(Republicans) won every race statewide in which they fielded a candidate.” Of course he deadpanned that was because this was a primary election.
  • Rep. Phyllis Pond offered $5 to anyone who could find one of her yard signs still standing. Rep. Bob Morris, who received one of the loudest ovations at the event, told her he picked up six so she owed him $30.
  • The capper came when Chairman Steve Shine introduced the party’s coroner nominee, Craig Nelson.

    Shine said to the crowd, “I hope this is one of the few times you have to see him.”

    Nelson replied, “I’d be seeing you, you wouldn’t’ be seeing me.”