Political Notebook

  • GOP treasurer candidate leaving state post
    Republican State Treasurer candidate Kelly Mitchell is leaving her position Friday as director of TrustINdiana in order to focus more time on her campaign.
  • GOP finds Bayh, Hogsett, unrecognizable
    Indiana Republicans recently sent their intern out to have a little fun with the possible candidacies of Democrats Joe Hogsett for Indianapolis mayor and Evan Bayh for governor.
  • Hamilton honored by ex-Congress group
    Lee Hamilton recently received the 2014 Distinguished Service Award of the U.S. Association of Former Members of Congress.

Protecting his neighbors

No member of the public spoke during the Fort Wayne City Council’s public hearing on redistricting this week, but at least one council member thinks a change to the proposal is needed.

Councilman Russ Jehl, R-2nd, offered a three page memo on why two precincts shouldn’t be moved. In general his concern was that the city shouldn’t split up thePineValleyneighborhood if it didn’t have to.

In fact, leaving it intact could create a better population balance across all districts, if another precinct also didn’t move, he argued.

The issue was pretty personal for Jehl, who lives inPineValleyand would see his direct neighbors stripped from his district if the proposed maps were approved.

“The neighbor across the street would be outside my district,” he said.

The council hopes to approve its new districts by the end of June.