Political Notebook


Stutzman, Pence back spending cuts

Club for Growth is keeping track of how members of the U.S. House are voting on amendments to cut spending from appropriations bills.

The fiscally conservative organization says 13 congressmen, all Republicans, have supported each of 45 proposals to reduce spending in fiscal year 2013. Five more have 100 percent voting records but missed votes on amendments.

Rep. Marlin Stutzman, R-3rd, supported 43 amendments and opposed two, for a 98 percent score. Rep. Mike Pence, R-6th, who is running for governor, voted to support 41 of the 45 proposals. Rep. Dan Burton, R-5th, who is not seeking re-election, favored 40 of the 42 amendments on which he voted.

The Hoosier congressmen were typically on the losing side. The Republican-controlled House passed only three of the 45 amendments. Most of the proposals would have trimmed spending for federal departments of transportation, housing and urban development, energy and water, commerce, justice and science.

Rep. Joe Donnelly, D-2nd, the Democratic candidate for a Senate seat from Indiana, voted for two spending cuts, opposed 29 and did not vote on 14 amendments, for a 6 percent score. Seventy-nine Democrats voted for one of the amendments, and 48 Democrats voted for none.

The highest score by a Democrat is 49 percent for Utah Rep. Jim Matheson, who favored 22 amendments of 45 he voted on. The lowest score by a Republican is 2 percent for New York Rep. Peter King, who supported one amendment in 45 votes.

The Washington-based Club for Growth endorsed each of the amendments. The group is headed by Chris Chocola, a former Hoosier congressman who lost his seat to Donnelly in the 2006 election.