Political Notebook


Improper timing

The Fort Wayne City Council rebuffed – or at least delayed – an unusual attempt by Mayor Tom Henry’s administration to add a new city employee in the middle of the year.

The council voted to delay the creation of an administrative assistant position for the police radio shop. City staff argued the position was needed, especially with the transition to a new $17 million radio system for the city and county.

Councilman John Crawford, R-at-large, questioned whether the position was really needed now. He said every idea sounds good on its own, but the council must weigh spending requests against each other, which is most properly done during the budget discussion.

While it is unusual for the city to request new employees mid year, the staff made it clear the position was to be full time and permanent

With the council set to discuss budget projections and overall finances at the end of the month, Crawford said it would be more appropriate to debate the proposed position after that meeting. He admitted, however, that the person was probably needed given the workload facing the radio shop.