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And Another Thing

Associated Press
Corey Cogdell holds her gun, with fingernails painted in designs in the colors of the U.S. flag, as she waits her turn to shoot, during qualifiers for the women's trap event on Saturday.

Your Olympic moment for today

And now a break from our semi-regularly scheduled Blob feature, The Best Thing About The Olympics Today.

This time around it's The Worst Thing About The Olympics Today.

This appeared on my radar courtesy of a fellow journalist who's also an avid hunter and fisherman: Corey Cogdell, a U.S. trapshooter currently competing in the Olympics, has been subjected to a barrage of vicious Twitter and blogosphere attacks from the unhinged element of the animal-rights movement, who've apparently gone off their meds and been allowed our of their padded cells for some unfathomable reason.

This is apparently because Ms. Cogdell, a game hunter, has posted photos of herself with her kills on her Facebook page. In response, some of the more charming missives to Ms. Cogdell have been invitations to "kill yourself please," fervent hopes that she "suffer a long, painful death," and the conviction that "these people need to be de-headed (sic) and posted on a wall."

No, sir. These people aren't deranged at all.

Here's the deal: Reasonable people can disagree about the morality of certain types of hunting; I, for instance, come from a family of hunters, have eaten my share of venison, and think that so-called "canned" hunts aren't really hunting at all. They're for people who are either too lazy or too incompetent to hunt for real.

But I'd never wish violence on anyone who partakes. That would make me a sociopath.

And, not to get too deep here, but that's the trouble with this country right now. Reasonable people don't define any debate. The sociopaths do. I'll see your I-hope-you-die-Corey-Cogdell, and raise you, say, NRA chief Wayne LaPierre -- a certified loony who believes the very fact Barack Obama hasn't come to take your guns is proof that he's coming to take your guns, and that making it as easy as possible for homicidal maniacs to arm themselves like military shock troops is what America's all about.

A plague on all their houses.

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