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Election letters
•Letters relating to the Nov. 6 election will be accepted through noon Oct. 22.


Cheaters exist at all income levels

In the Sept. 22 Weekly Scorecard there was a blurb that 4,000 households that pay no federal income tax make more than $1 million a year and that they don’t have to pay Social Security or Medicare payroll taxes because it is investment income. To put that into dollars that are not being taxed, add six zeros to 4,000. That is $4 billion.

Now, would someone like to tell me why their $1 million+ a year is worth more to them than my $40,000 is to me – and I will think about a Republican vote. Close the loopholes and we will talk. Do you think they will collect Social Security or Medicare when they reach age?

Let’s talk about the 47 percent. Or the 99 percent vs. 1 percent. “Trickle-down fairy dust” is all I have seen – and anger at the people who need help.

That anger is pointed the wrong direction. Sure there are cheats, people who take advantage of the system, but they are throughout the earning spectrum.


Promote healing, not division

A scant two days after the Indiana Center for Middle East Peace brought Arun Gandhi to speak, and the day before Fort Wayne hosted Aung San Suu Kyi, The Journal Gazette published a piece by Elliot Bartky and Allon Friedman (“A dangerous, destabilizing foreign policy,” Sept. 24) that essentially advocates a foreign policy based on fear and separatism.

Their piece fails to acknowledge the fear and separatism that is condemning an occupied people in Palestine to near-impossible difficulty, and policies throughout that region and our world that endorse apartheid. To be sure, radical elements among all political factions have used fear to warrant their actions, whether Palestinian, Israeli, Iranian or American; it is abundantly clear that political decision-making grounded in fear has failed to yield peace and has only caused greater mistrust.

In the wake of these visits to Fort Wayne by two remarkable peacemakers, may we learn from them and refuse to succumb to the temptation to build walls (both literally and figuratively) between conflicted peoples.

Relationship and engagement promote healing among peoples. Let us make it so.


Pic, puppy name heartwarming

The photo by Samuel Hoffman on the front page Sept. 18 of Christopher Clark and his puppy warmed and re-energized my heart. Thank you. However, young Christopher gave me his own blessing as well with a new best-ever pet name, that being his introduction of the one and only “Benny Ben.”


Obama view of flag disrespectful

The Obama campaign has unveiled a new flag poster. In the star field those stars have been replaced with an “O”; the stripes are splashes of red.

I am a disabled veteran of Vietnam. My blood is in the soil of South Vietnam. It grieves me to watch the C-130s offloading the flag-draped coffins of American patriots.

It is clear whoever in the Obama campaign developed this insulting view of the U.S. flag to further the goals of the socialist we have in the White House has zero understanding of those who have served and who are serving. And what our flag means to us.

I have never visited the town square to protest or even visit a protest. But I can assure you this. If I see one of these disrespectful symbols anywhere, I will step forward and destroy it! Even if I have to rip it from the hands of the person who has it. I would hope every veteran of every war or conflict would do the same. Disgusting, absolutely disgusting.

DAVE COOPER Churubusco