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    Health care is compensationemployers can’t dictateEmployer-provided heath care is not a benevolent gift but reflects earned compensation.
  • Letters
    Health care is compensationemployers can’t dictateEmployer-provided heath care is not a benevolent gift but reflects earned compensation.
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    In a fawning editorial, “A state of ridicule (Sept.

Web letter by Jerry Monnin Sr.: Historic America’s future hinges on election results

This November voters will make the most important decision of their lifetime.

Choice 1. Do we want “historic America,” the country that was created and built by the blood, sweat and tears of our forefathers and our ancestors? The country that in 236 short years has become the greatest country the world has ever known? The country that has provided more individual freedoms, opportunities and raised more people out of poverty than any country that has ever existed? The country that people have immigrated to from more than 150 different nations for the opportunity to experience the American Dream and to enjoy the individual freedoms, opportunities and religious rights that were not available to them in most other countries?

Choice 2. Do we want a country that is being “fundamentally changed” into a Western European-style “social democracy (socialism-light)” where big government and its powerful bureaucrats truly believe they know better how we should live our lives and how we should educate and raise our children? They will also redistribute our individual incomes to achieve their definition of fairness.

This election will determine the America we will live in and the country and legacy we pass on to our children and grandchildren.

This is not an election between Democrats and Republicans. It is an election between traditional Americans, both Republicans and Democrats, and the liberal-progressive factions that have taken control of the Democratic Party of our parents and grandparents. They are people who truly believe a socialistic form of government would be superior to historic America with all its individual rights, personal responsibilities and religious freedoms. They believe that smart people like themselves can better manage our lives than we can as individuals.

President Obama said in 2008 that he wanted to “fundamentally change America.” At the time we had no idea what he meant. He is not a bad person. He just truly believes that a socialistic form of government would create a more fair America. Both of his parents were strong believers in socialism. Almost all of his mentors throughout his life have been from the far left of our political system. The vast majority of his current senior advisors come from the far left. That does not make him a bad person. He just doesn’t believe in the greatness or exceptionalism of historic America.

Obama strongly believes in increasing welfare and entitlements to more and more Americans. Today nearly 50 percent of all Americans receive some form of government welfare. Social Security and Medicare are not welfare and are not part of the above 50 percent.

The real danger of this growing socialistic form of government is that the people who pay no income taxes and who receive some form of welfare will soon outnumber those of us who actually pay all the income taxes and who do not receive any form of welfare. Those individuals will tend to vote for the politicians who are providing them with all the free stuff.

When that happens historic America and our democracy will have a very difficult time surviving.

Vote wisely. Our country and the lives of your children and grandchildren are depending on it.