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  • FILE - This May 15, 2012 file photo shows the male Rothschild giraffe Tofik who was widowed in May when his two female partners died after a hooligan attack near their enclosure at the zoo in Lodz, Poland. Tofik died Sunday, Oct.7, 2012 during surgery that was to relieve his digestive problems. A post mortem revealed hemorrhaging in the colon area. In August, three females were brought to the zoo, be Tofik's new family. (AP Photo/Marian Zubrzycki, File)

Monday, October 08, 2012 1:11 pm

Giraffe subjected to spring hoodlum attack dies


Tofik, a male giraffe who won sympathy in Poland after he lost his two female companions in the wake of an attack by hoodlums near their zoo enclosure, has died during surgery for digestive problems, zoo officials said Monday.

The 5-year-old Rothschild giraffe died Sunday, said Magdalena Janiszewska, the head of the zoo in Lodz, some 75 miles (120 kilometers) west of Warsaw. His stomach condition is believed to not be related to the attack.

The loss is particularly poignant for the zoo. Two female giraffes that were with Tofik in his enclosure during the May attack died of complications because of the stress.

"It is a very bad year for us," she said. "It is hard not to talk of bad luck."

The endangered animals earned widespread media attention and compassion in Poland after hooligans tossed garbage cans and benches near their enclosure - frightening the normally skittish animals. In a nation that loves its creatures, the public was horrified that anyone would attack helpless zoo specimens.

After Tofik was left alone, zoo officials brought in three other giraffes to mate with him and keep him company, hoping that it would help his recovery. They had been doing well until he fell ill.

New management at the zoo, appointed after the May attack revealed shortcomings in security, would like to bring in a new male in due time, Janiszewska said.