Political Notebook


Spin room provides amusement

Sometimes the best part of a debate is the reaction from the candidates themselves in the spin room.

This is when they get a chance to further explain any issues, assess their own performance and answer questions from reporters.

Democrat John Gregg was up first after Wednesday night's governor's debate in Zionsville.

He jabbed Republican opponent Mike Pence for having a road map of ideas but not realizing he was in Boone County (Pence accidentally said Hamilton County during the debate).

Then he said Pence should balance the "monster" of a deficit budget in Washington before giving Gregg advice on the state budget.

"I didn't take any swings at him tonight," Gregg said. "All I did was talk about the facts."

Gregg also acknowledged that he can't win the election without Republican votes -- hence his appeal to "Lugar Republicans."

Pence was up next and opened by welcoming the press corps to Boone County. He also deadpanned that if he didn't mention it in the debate, he has a road map of ideas for Indiana. (He cited the road map at least 10 times during the event.)

When asked whether he was aggressive enough with Gregg, he said, "I'm going to wait and see what you guys say. I think it was a substantive, civil, spirited debate."

He also took on criticism that he hasn't authored a single bill that became law while serving 12 years in Congress. He pointed to ideas he authored that eventually became law in other pieces of legislation. And he said he is known as the driving force behind the 2006 deficit reduction act.

Can't wait to hear what they have to say next week.

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