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     View of freedomcuts only one wayBishop Kevin C. Rhoades’ Aug. 31 piece (“Dangerous intrusion on religious freedom”) puts forth a one-sided and ultimately tyrannical view of religious freedom.
  • Letters
    Prescription law unfairlyhandcuffs pain sufferers September is Pain Awareness Month, bringing attention to the more than83 million people nationwide who suffer from chronic pain.
  • Letters
    Prescription law unfairlyhandcuffs pain sufferersSeptember is Pain Awareness Month, bringing attention to the more than83 million people nationwide who suffer from chronic pain.
Election letters
•Letters relating to the Nov. 6 election will be accepted through noon Oct. 22.

Letters to the editor

‘Pro-life’ trumps ‘quality of life’

This letter is in response to the Oct. 1 letter “Pro-life covers numerous topics.” The letter is confusing “pro-life” with “quality of life.”

The more than 50 million lives lost in this country via abortion will never have the chance to be concerned with any of the issues mentioned. They will never see a river, much less one that is not clean. They will never receive Medicare benefits. They will never get a chance to plan for retirement. And they will certainly never get to vote in an election.

Ironically, had these fellow citizens not been denied their right to live, most would be in the workforce providing funds to help our bankrupt nation. Some may have had great ideas for innovations to bolster our economy or cure diseases. Sadly, we will never know. While the environment, Social Security, Medicare and war are important quality-of-life issues, none compare to the effect that these many millions denied life through abortion has had.

Until the right to live is secure, all quality-of-life issues are far secondary because no one’s life is safe. If one group’s right to life is revoked – the unborn through abortion – any other can be next. And while each person has an inherent right to life, one does not have a right to a preferred quality of life.

Lastly, instead of voting as a citizen, one should consider voting as a Christian (one’s belief system) because our privilege to vote came from God, to whom we are solely and forever accountable. One political party has by far the best record on protecting the right to life of all citizens including the unborn, and it’s not the party in the White House.


Fight poverty for students’ benefit

The piece “Prosperity still best predictor of SAT scores” (Oct. 1) noted that “more testing, stricter teacher evaluations, smaller classes and charter schools might result in improvements … but … the single most effective reform would be a rising and widely distributed prosperity for everyone.” In other words, poverty is the problem.

The fact that children growing up in poverty do not do well in school is nothing new. We have tried all kinds of interventions, from government housing, free breakfast and lunch at school, food stamps, welfare, etc. These have made life a bit better for children in poverty, but have not significantly changed their success in school.

Perhaps we should look at what it is about poverty that holds children back from reaching their potential. Do children in poverty spend hours away from parents who work two jobs? Are poor children born to younger mothers who don’t have the maturity to wisely raise children? Do poor children miss the opportunity to hear challenging vocabulary, hear stories read or have varied experiences before they go to school?

Blaming schools and teachers for the entire problem is not working. As a retired teacher, I have seen how hard most teachers work and how much they love their students. Let’s continue improving our teaching and schools. But let’s investigate how poverty and the lack of success in school are connected and find solutions. I believe then, and only then, will we see successful children at all economic levels.


Obama’s in touch; Romney’s not

Are you better off now than four years ago? The real question is: Whom do you want to lead our country?

Do you want a man who says 47 percent are looking for handouts, don’t pay income tax and won’t take responsibility for their lives?

How insulting for the retired, low income, middle class and the service people who wait on Mitt Romney.

A party that thinks our country is headed down the drain if our president is re-elected is a party full of hate.

You need to watch “2016: Obama’s America,” a conservative film, and you will know what I mean. If Obama is re-elected, we will have no future, per the film. It is a one-sided, boring film that only Obama haters would believe. Michael Moore’s films were humorous and had arguments from the other side. I know; I’ve seen them all.

Our president is for all Americans and is in touch with all Americans – the poor, the middle class, women, minorities.