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    Outdoor seating wouldbenefit art museumFort Wayne has a wonderful art museum. We are truly lucky that the building plan is a good one and that the exhibits range from a variety of local, national and global sources.
  • Sustained push needed to enact term limits
    It is good to hear that there are other people interested in term limits for all our elected officials (See John W. Watson letter on Nov. 16).
  • Let's maintain progress in reducing smoking
    The American Cancer Society's Great American Smokeout on Nov.20 was about helping people addicted to tobacco make a plan to quit.
Election letters
•Letters relating to the Nov. 6 election will be accepted through noon Oct. 22.

Letters to the editor


Inflexible Republicans would subvert process

I noticed that many candidates’ TV ads do not carry their political party affiliation. Voters might want to pay attention to that because there is a significant difference in what the parties require of their representatives in Congress.

Most tea party Republicans sign an oath that they will vote according to the lobbyist Grover Norquist. Thus their first allegiance is not to the voter.

Tea party Republicans refuse any compromises with Democrats, even though this is traditionally how Congress has conducted its business.

The Republican Party presidential candidate has decreed no new taxes for the wealthy, so Republicans are locked into an unyielding position.

Knowing exactly which party your candidate of choice represents is going to make a significant difference in this election. If the Republicans dominate the House or Senate, that body will vote in lockstep, circumventing the time-honored way our process is supposed to work.


Reject Donnelly, vote for a return to values

There have been times in my 48-year voting life that I have crossed over and voted for a Democratic candidate; I’ve done it when that candidate was clearly better for America, God and country than the opponent.

When I look at the disgusting, dirty and deceitful campaign that Joe Donnelly is using, I have to believe that there is a growing, collective resentment for his behavior and that such a justifiable moment is at hand for Hoosier Democrats.

Surely Democrats who detest the wrecking of the American family, the destruction of fatherhood and maleness, abortion on demand; indeed, a government that gives sharia law the nod over Christianity and bans any hint of a Judeo-Christian religion; knowing Donnelly’s continuing support of President Obama should be able to equate the perils of a valueless society to a voting decision this November.

I didn’t support Indiana Sen. Richard Lugar because of his duplicity, and in the last half of Lugar’s tenure, I voted either for his opponent or wrote in an alternative because of that duplicity.

I hope Democrats and undecideds will vote for a return to values and reject Donnelly’s artificial and feigned virtue.


Keen offers contrast to Long’s leadership

David Long is running a lot of TV ads claiming he is a “leader who gets results.” These are the things Long won’t tell you:

•Long supports vouchers and charter schools, which takes meager state funding from our local public schools.

•Long voted for Indiana’s right-to-work law. Right to work is an organized effort by big money corporations to increase their profits by paying less for labor. States with right-to-work laws have lower standards of living for middle-class workers. This type of “leadership” is not going to help the average Hoosier.

On the other hand we have Tom Keen, a retired Navy veteran, offering to, again, serve his country as our state senator. Keen is running the old fashioned way, Hoosier hard work. These are some of the things you should know about Keen:

•Keen supports public education and will fight for all public schools for fair state funding.

•Keen will work to stop the privatization efforts of vouchers and charter schools that drain the needed resources of our public schools.

•Keen understands the importance of a living wage to support the families of Indiana workers and will work to repeal the right-to-work (for less) law.

We can have a “leader who gets results” for corporations with Long, or a Navy veteran, Keen, who will fight for all Hoosiers. Seems like a simple choice.

DENNIS SPRUNGER Democratic candidate for Allen County Council Fort Wayne

It’s Christians’ duty to support Romney

I read the Rev. Darrell Poeppelmeyer’s letter (Sept. 5) about his dilemma as a Christian being able to vote for Mitt Romney because of Romney’s membership in a “major cult.”

Poeppelmeyer is a long-time friend of mine and a good man. However, I was disappointed to read of his concerns.

This election is for the chief executive and commander in chief, not the pastor in chief. The barrier of religious convictions was crossed in the 1960 election when John F. Kennedy became the first Catholic to be elected, much to the disappointment of many who thought the new president would take orders from the pope.

I have not heard any reference to how Romney would impose his religious beliefs on the country. His core values seem to be in line with what Poeppelmeyer and I believe. Even if he takes the oath of office with his hand on the Book of Mormon, he will be swearing upon the book of his religious convictions, not someone else’s, which is a sacred oath we can hold him to.

If not Romney, then whom will you vote for, or will you not vote at all? During the Democratic National Convention, I watched with amazement as three times at least half or more of the delegates voted “no” to putting a reference to God in their party’s platform. It appears to be very clear that this same party and current administration would like nothing better than to silence the evangelical voices. Is that the better alternative than Romney because of his “major cult”? I certainly hope not.

I respect Poeppelmeyer’s opinions and defend his right to express them. But our country deserves better leadership than we are getting. The choice for Christians should be crystal clear, not a dilemma.


Informed voters check a variety of sources

The truck driver who believed his GPS rather than his own eyes and caused $89,000 damage to the Spencerville Covered Bridge led me to write this.

How can we vote well if we do not do our own research?

Why do we accept political lies? We can “fact check” many sites, not just Republican and Democratic Internet sites, to get at the truth.

Why do we accept the media repeating these lies?

Look up Grover Norquist and his signing up politicians for no new taxes. We did not elect him. We do not elect lobbyists; they buy our politicians.

Israel: Also, we still give Israel (about the size of New Jersey) $3 billion a year, yet Benjamin Netanyahu feels free to come to the U.S. and give us lectures on attacking Iran. He is the tail trying to wag the dog.

YVONNE DeMUYT Kendallville

Unequal treatment puzzles drinking driver

About four years ago I was traveling north on Coldwater Road toward my home in Pine Valley about 11 p.m. I was coming from the American Legion Post 296 on Tillman Road, where I had spent the evening. In the course of the evening (7 p.m. to 10:30 p.m.) I had one drink – kahlua and cream (my favorite). I was pulled over for a burned-out taillight.

After showing the two officers my driver’s license and title, they asked me if I had been drinking. I said yes and relayed to them the above facts. I was told to take a Breathalyzer test, which I passed. Then the two officers said, “You can’t drive home.”

I called a friend who lives off State Boulevard to come get me. After awakening him from a sound sleep, he came and transported me home. But he would not leave his car parked for the night and proceeded to walk back along Coldwater Road to retrieve his car. A good Samaritan driver picked him up and drove him back to his car.

I didn’t have the option like Councilman Paul Moss to call Sheriff Ken Fries. Is there equality in the laws of the land?


Insecticide can help to save ash trees

It is sad to see the many ash trees in the Fort Wayne area being destroyed by the ash borer. For us it is difficult to understand why our government does nothing to prevent the damage except to contract for the dead trees’ removal.

It is apparent when driving along our main highways that there are many ash trees with little or no damage that can be saved. Treatment would reduce the cost of removal and replacement. Along Lafayette Street heading north by Reservoir Park and in the park itself are many trees still undamaged or only minimally. Along East State Boulevard east of Anthony many are healthy as well with a large number in the park south of the Martin Luther King Bridge. Spraying is unnecessary; the cure is a systemic insecticide available as Bayer Advanced Tree and Shrub Protect and Feed Concentrate available in hardware stores for $20 which can be diluted and poured into the earth at the tree’s drip line (under where the branches extend). The trees are easily spotted now as they are turning purple red, their beautiful fall color.

We urge our government to reconsider its policy and use systemic insecticide to reduce the damage to our legacy of beautiful trees.

If they do not, we as citizens can still do something. Buy the insecticide and save the trees on or near your property. Otherwise, the beauty we enjoy will be lost for a generation. This is what we are doing.