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Election letters
•Letters relating to the Nov. 6 election will be accepted through noon Monday.

Letters to the editor

Boyd offers outstanding alternative

We expect our leaders to have firm convictions and to argue their principles in a forthright manner. But we know they will have to engage in pragmatic compromise because that is the essence of governing in a democracy.

But for the past two years we have endured the spectacle of a Congress in the grip of a bloc of representatives who believe that their mandate is to remain utterly rigid, to obstruct all progress and to render the United States, insofar as possible, ungovernable. It was the clear willingness of this bloc to risk the first default in history on our national debt that resulted in a downgrade of the United States’ credit rating. Their actions are largely responsible for Congress’ approval rating sinking into single digits. And they most recently recessed without acting on even something as basic as the farm bill. Marlin Stutzman is a member of this ideologically extreme bloc.

Fortunately the voters of the 3rd Congressional District have an excellent alternative in Kevin Boyd. The pastor of a local Presbyterian congregation for nearly 20 years, Boyd exemplifies a public servant with a sincere concern for the real needs and problems of working families. He is dedicated to improving veterans’ services and to protecting public education, Medicare and Social Security.

A vote for Stutzman is a vote for continued pointless theater and stalemate. A vote for Boyd is a vote for working to actually solve our problems.


Stop future economic enslavement

In a few short weeks we will mark the 150th anniversary of the Emancipation Proclamation, Abraham Lincoln’s attempt to end legal slavery in the United States.

The proclamation was made in the middle of a great civil war fought in part over slavery. While the cost of the war was beyond comprehension, most Americans believe the elimination of slavery was worth the horrible price. And while slavery exists to this day throughout much of Africa and Asia, freedom in the United States has for 150 years expanded via women’s suffrage, civil rights legislation and numerous other protections for the rights of free men and women.

However, slavery has returned – and this time the enslaved are no particular sex, race or culture. Instead the enslaved are the young.

This uncaring generation is leaving our children with trillions of dollars of unpaid bills. Yes, future generations will be forced to work without pay to square the debt we are accumulating. In addition to the official unpaid debt of $16 trillion, we leave off the books debts of trillions more for ill-conceived and poorly-run entitlements.

Will you demand an end to this madness, or will you passively support enslavement of your children and their children? Will you keep your hand out for more government spending, or will you stand up for a future of freedom for your children?


Amish being persecuted by county

The Allen County building, planning and health departments are conspiring to target the local Amish community in requiring permits for building their barns. There are two cases proceeding through the court system in which the county is forcing compliance with the threat of tearing down perfectly legal and structurally sound barns.

Indiana state building code provides an exemption for private homes built by individuals and used for their own occupancy.

I know this exemption may come as a surprise, but our Founding Fathers understood that private property rights are foundational to freedom and liberty. Unfortunately, our “dumbed-down,” “politically correct” society is all too willing to accept the counterfeit of “peace and security” in place of true freedom and liberty. It is no wonder that government on all levels continues to encroach on our precious liberty and freedoms when they aren’t held accountable by informed and active citizens.

Continued persecution could result in a mass exodus of this group with relocation to areas that understand their significant contributions. Perhaps their future vacant (and under-maintained) properties could better support meth production or other illegal activities.

In the unlikely event that the county would prevail in any ensuing legal action, what would the county really gain by subjugating this population group?