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    People watching the carnage in Gaza 2014 should consider the historical context. Palestinians have lost 95 percent of their country since 1948.
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Letters to the editor

Donnelly’s votes betrayed Hoosiers

Indiana was badly served by Sen. Evan Bayh and by Rep. Joe Donnelly. Both try to portray themselves as moderate Democrats. Both say that they vote their conscience. Both failed their constituents, their home state and their country. Now the Wall Street Journal reveals that Bayh has regrets for his health care vote.

No one could escape the stench of partisan politics that resulted when the Democratic-controlled House declared that the Obamacare bill did not need to return to the House for a roll-call vote after being altered by the Senate in the most partisan manner.

This procedural necessity was concocted to assure that no Democratic member of Congress would return home to face the voters before the bill was passed. So the bill was presumed accepted in the House without so much as a reading.

Neither Bayh nor Donnelly had the courage to buck the Democratic machine.

Bayh had pangs of conscience and admits that bipartisan deal-making would have resulted in a better bill.

Donnelly voted for the mess every time it came up for a vote, and to better express his devotion to the liberal agenda he voted against the repeal even knowing that the most unpopular entitlement in history was even more reviled back home in Indiana.

Donnelly is damaged goods. He sold out his conscience, he is no statesman, never will be, and does not deserve to serve in the U.S. Senate.


Comment tarnishes Romney’s win

In the first presidential debate, former Gov. Mitt Romney gave a stellar performance. His “win” was tarnished, however, by the words of John Sununu, a Romney spokesman, who had the gall to call our president “lazy.”

Granted, President Obama was not up to his usual sharpness and numerous times he allowed to pass opportunities to counter Romney’s mistakes and former statements.

But lazy – no way.

Romney’s full-time job is campaigning right now. Obama is weighed down with many responsibilities – jobs; the economy; a cantankerous, hostile House; to say nothing of the overseas debt crisis, Afghanistan, Libya, Syria, Iran, Israel and on and on.

Sununu’s comments reflect poor sportsmanship, poor winning and brought shame to the Republican win.

DOROTHA FRY MASON North Manchester

Obama, media deny attack truths

I never thought I would live in an America where we have a media designed to spread propaganda and cover up the news instead of looking for the facts. I never thought Americans would allow this to happen to them. I never thought Americans would fall for it hook, line and sinker, but many have.

On Sept. 11, 2012, America was again attacked by terrorists. For the first time since 1979 an American ambassador was killed in a foreign land at one of our American embassies.

With questions looming, imagine my shock of seeing a media frenzy attacking, not President Obama, but presidential candidate Mitt Romney. Romney had, rightly, condemned repeated White House apologies for the hurt feelings of the radical Muslims who had just brutally murdered our ambassador and three other Americans.

The administration continued to deny the reality of this attack for nine days. Where were the media? Where were the real journalists? Where were the questions?

The “elite” news media are trying to distract us from the truth. This administration has failed us with its foreign policy of appeasement, and this administration will not be held accountable by the news media. Is this what we want in America? Do we want to be lied to and distracted from the truth? Do we want to be led like sheep to the slaughter?

It’s time to wake up and search out the truth on your own. You can no longer rely on the so-called “mainstream” media.

Vote this administration out of the White House in November. It’s time for the truth to be told. We are running out of time.